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Assist in flood-fighting with Henan Power-Solution is already on the way!

Solar lantern and solar lighting systems   On July 26, 2021,plenty cases of solar lanterns and solar lighting systems donated by Shenzhen Power-Solution has been delivered to the disaster-struck areas in Henan province at a full jump.   Full inspection and assemble specifications   Seal and reinforce the outer box   Shenzhen Power-Solution is contributing its […]


#Energy Transition #Woman Empowerment Training period:2021-2022   “Energising Woman To Advance The Energy Transition”   Global Women’s Empowerment Training Program   List Announced     In order to increase the female impacts in driving energy transition, By commission of the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (BMWI),the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) has in collaboration […]

Good news! Good news! VeraSol certificate of Power Solution solar four-light system officially released

On May 10, 2021, the VeraSol certification of Power Solution solar four-lamp system was officially announced on the VeraSol website!     More… What is a VeraSol certificate? VeraSol is an updated version of Lighting Global. Lighting Global is an initiative of the World Bank Group to rapidly increase the availability of off-grid solar energy […]

PowerSolution participated in the 2021 Green Energy and Climate Change Technology Summit

On May 7, the “2021 Green Energy and Climate Change Technology Summit” was held at Nanyuecheng Chenggong Business School in Kunming. This technical summit was jointly organized by the Rural Electrification Research Institute of the Ministry of Water Resources/Asia-Pacific Small Hydropower Research and Training Center, Yunnan Green Energy Industry Association, and Zhejiang Solar Photovoltaic Industry […]

Do you believe in the power of solar energy?

Customer 1: The same product, why is your price higher than other suppliers? Power Solution: Because our products are stronger and more durable, the battery materials are better, the solar panel tempered glass is thicker, the shell is made of 100% pure ABS and 100% pure PC plastic, and the bulb is anti-drop… Customer 1: […]

Values of Design: China in the Making,the exhibition of two cooperative products of Power-Solution at the sixth stop “bargaining”

01 Values of Design: China in the Making Values of Design: China in the Making was unveiled on 18 January 2020 in the V&A Gallery at the Sea World Culture and Arts Center. It is the first exhibition in China to explore the growing field of Chinese design and the first to attempt to understand how […]

What a surprise!The service life of Power-solution solar products exceeds your imagination

One of Power-Solution’s Malawi customers named Mr. Motala Mtonga was very happy to give us feedback on our solar products, he said that he had been using this stuff now 6 years but still strong and people need that type but can’t find it in town. Most of our solar products can be used for […]

Candles Killer – A safer, brighter and cheaper lightning alternative to candles and kerosene lamps.

Candles Killer Candles Killer provides a solar-powered modular solution to replace candles and kerosene lamp, for off-grid locations, deserving BoP customers. About 840 million people worldwide have no access to the power grid and spend $27 billion a year on kerosene, candles, battery-powered flares and other fossil-fuel solutions. These traditional solutions are expensive, dangerous, and […]

Ten to Watch: Young Climate entrepreneurs

TEN TO WATCH: YOUNG CLIMATE ENTREPRENEURS Introducing ten promising young leaders in the climate space by Climate&Capital Team| Oct 27, 2020 Welcome to Climate & Capital Media’s inaugural “Ten to Watch” list, in which we highlight leaders delivering real change to address the world’s growing climate emergency. Ten to Watch represents an important group of […]

We had overcome all obstacles in 2020, and we are about to rise to the top in 2021

2020 has quietly left, and the new 2021 has arrived. The past 2020 was a year for power-solution to overcome obstacles and set sail. The arrival of the epidemic caught us off guard and allowed us to grow day by day, and we still maintain The original intention to improve the BOP (Bottom Of Pyramid) […]