Values of Design: China in the Making,the exhibition of two cooperative products of Power-Solution at the sixth stop “bargaining”


Values of Design: China in the Making

Values of Design: China in the Making was unveiled on 18 January 2020 in the V&A Gallery at the Sea World Culture and Arts Center. It is the first exhibition in China to explore the growing field of Chinese design and the first to attempt to understand how changing and evolving values are helping to shape what we design, produce and consume. Initiated and curated by Design Society, in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), the exhibition continues the success of the institutions’ long-term partnership, and is a follow-up to Values of Design, the inaugural V&A Gallery exhibition produced by the V&A in collaboration with Design Society in 2017.



The sixth stop of the design tour: bargaining

The 138 exhibits exhibited this time are divided into six sections: design style, problem-solving, material shaping, identity and consumption, expressing feelings, and bargaining.

Among them, the two products “Candles killer” and “Solar media”, two products in cooperation between Power-Solution and Solar Run, were exhibited at the sixth stop of the design journey “bargaining” exhibition area.

Good quality and low price is a consumption factor that most people will consider, and it is also a common goal pursued by many companies and designers. Solar run is the company that has obtained the most certifications for the number of Lighting Global products in China. Its excellent brand stems from a complete quality assurance system. As a strategic supplier of Solar run, Power-Solution has long been committed to serving BOP (Bottom of the Economic Pyramid). )crowd. It is precisely because of the emphasis on product quality and quality control that we can continue to provide high-quality, inexpensive, practical and durable solar products for BOP people.


Design concept

Solar media

Since 2018, Power-Solution has been committed to improving the productivity and education level of the poor. The company has developed and produced some new products. Solar media is the first product that combines education with solar energy. Solar energy means no carbon dioxide emissions, environmentally friendly and sustainable. This product provides customers with home lighting while providing educational information and health and medical knowledge. Through the recurring broadcast of videos on the prevention of Ebola, AIDS and malaria produced by the World Health Organization, it improves health awareness such as BOP disease prevention, thereby reducing mortality.

Not only that, the internationally renowned designer Pan Hu also participated in the design of our Solar media packaging box. Pan Hu is the most valuable product packaging designer in the contemporary era, and is known by the industry as a “craftsman” with both aesthetic spirit and commercial value. Maverick and stingy in production volume, only 10 design works per year, but won the most awards in this field. Won the world’s three major design awards (16 Red Dot Awards including the first Red Dot Award Best Of The Best in mainland China, 6 Hannover iF design awards in Germany and 1 IDEA American Excellence Design Award) and 14 Pentawards There are more than 100 awards in different categories.


After the product packaging designed by Pan Hu has completed its basic mission, it can also be used as a hanger, wardrobe, locker, etc. Reuse the original packaging boxes that were to be discarded, recycle them, and turn waste into treasure. This fits very well with Power-Solution’s design concept of “let the BOP crowd spend every penny of value”.

Candles killer

Power-solution’s work, Candles killer, was developed for the purpose of protecting the environment and providing affordable clean energy. In the process of market research in Ethiopia, we found that there are many waste mineral water bottles on the local roadside, causing great white pollution.

So we thought about whether we can use these waste water bottles. After a long period of on-site investigation, we creatively improved the bracket of this lamp into a hook form, which can directly mount the lamp body on the bottleneck of the waste water bottle to expand the lighting area, which not only ensures that the original function of the product is not affected. At the same time, the overall cost of the product is reduced. The most important thing is that the waste water bottle is used for the second time, which plays a role in protecting the environment.


Persist in the original aspiration and light up the BOP area

Power-Soluiton will continue to uphold the original intention of serving the BOP people, dispelling the darkness for them, and illuminating their light and future. After all, personal power is limited. Chengxinuo hopes that more like-minded people will join us, spread love and knowledge to more areas, and let more light enter the BOP family.

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