Candles Killer – A safer, brighter and cheaper lightning alternative to candles and kerosene lamps.

Candles Killer

Candles Killer provides a solar-powered modular solution to replace candles and kerosene lamp, for off-grid locations, deserving BoP customers.

About 840 million people worldwide have no access to the power grid and spend $27 billion a year on kerosene, candles, battery-powered flares and other fossil-fuel solutions. These traditional solutions are expensive, dangerous, and polluting. According to the World Health Organization, the use of candles and kerosene lamps emits 190 million tons of CO2 annually and leads to 2.5 million deaths directly from fire each year. To address this problem, Candles Killer provides a portable, solar-powered lamp that is 3 times brighter than candles or kerosene lamps. Designed to meet the needs of off-grid populations, Candles Killer can be hung anywhere and has been especially designed to be mounted on plastic bottles, allowing the lightning surface to be increased at no extra costs. By manufacturing cheap, robust and clean lamps, this solution aims to bring sustainable and safe lightning in every home, everywhere.


Key features

  • Longer life expectancy than conventional alternatives
  • 100% solar-powered
  • Composed of few, easy to fix components


  • Helps to saves almost 10% of the households’s income
  • Payback time reached after 6 months

Categories of Application

  • Photovoltaic


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