Our History

  • 2004

    Shenzhen Power-Solution Ind Co., Ltd establish

  • 2012

    The company enters into the production industry

    In order to enable more poor people to buy and use products, the company stepped into the production industry to reduce product costs from the source of production。

  • 2016

    Create "pay as you go" installment series products

    The creation of “pay as you go” installment series products greatly solves the problem of insufficient purchasing power in poor areas without electricity and meets the demand of people in extremely poor areas to use high-end solar products in advance.

    PayGo Solar Home System K018

  • 2016

    Rated as the national high tech enterprise

    In 2016, it was rated as the national high tech enterprise and Shenzhen high tech enterprise for the first time.

  • 2017

    Kenya New Energy Exhibition

    In June 2017, at Kenya new energy exhibition, POWER-SOLUTION won the attention of NGOs in Africa’s BOP region with the theme of “work for BOP”. It was reported by China Daily.

  • 2018

    Shell foundation

    In January 2018, shell foundation, one of the largest foundations in the world, visited our company and discussed the gradual replacement of fossil energy and clean energy.

    October 2018 – ygt summit climate conference was held in Los Angeles, the United States, and POWER-SOLUTION made a speech on behalf of Chinese youth. It is the first time to show the contribution of China’s small-scale private enterprises in curbing global warming.

    In July 2018, the star of entrepreneurship competition won the championship.

    In August 2018, Huixin cup new technology + Internet innovation competition technology + social public welfare special competition, Shenzhen POWER-SOLUTION Technology Co., Ltd. won the championship.

    2018 Asia environmental protection innovation forum shares “youth responsibility and sustainable innovation”.

    In 2018, based on the feedback from end-users and the problems of low education and productivity of people in power free areas, the company developed a new strategy: providing living lighting and solar energy video education solutions for the poor in power free areas around the world: solar media

    October 2018 – the company was certified by China charity as a good social enterprise in China

    On December 16, 2018, at the invitation of ADB (Asian Development Bank), Ms. Li Xia, founder of POWER-SOLUTION, participated in the high-end forum of “green energy transformation and high-quality growth”.

  • 2019:

    Milestone Timeline

    The 2019 GPL annual meeting of global leaders of good finance will discuss and create a new driving force for sustainable development of “business and public welfare”.

    In March 2019, the world bank organized another visit.

    In May 2019, the United Nations Foundation organized a visit.

    In July 2019, the former Consul General of Argentina in Guangzhou visited our company.

    In July 2019, discuss social corporate responsibility with Mr. Wang Shi.

    In July 2019, Li Xia tells the story of “made in China” changing the dilemma alone.

    In September 2019, Xia Xuan, founder of social innovation, and his party paid a visit.

    In September 2019, Li Xia, founder of POWER-SOLUTION, was invited to attend the social enterprise folk Summit

    In September 2019, invited by Mr. Michael Norton, the godfather of European social innovation, we shared our 10-year experience of serving BOP with EMP students of Shenzhen International Public Welfare Institute.

    In September 2019, POWER-SOLUTION case entered China Academy of science and technology development strategy.

    In October 2019, at the certification and licensing ceremony of China’s social enterprises, POWER-SOLUTION was recognized as China’s gold medal social enterprise for the first time.

    In October 2019, the founder of POWER-SOLUTION appeared in China International Trade Journal.

    In November 2019, Business School of Renmin University visited our company.

    In December 2019, POWER-SOLUTION was once again rated as a national high-tech enterprise and Shenzhen high-tech enterprise.

    2019 – World Conference on clean stoves, the only female entrepreneur in China makes an important proposal

    In October 2019, Chinese enterprise brand exchange activity won the first prize

    In November 2019, Li Xia, founder of sincere technology, attended the seminar of “sustainable development innovation and poverty reduction” held by China ASEAN UNDP.

    In 2019, Lixia, founder of POWER-SOLUTION, was rated as “2018 China’s outstanding social entrepreneur”.

    In November 2019, Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, visited our company.

  • 2020

    Milestone Title

    Enterprise Case of Guangdong Satellite TV’s “Resumption of Work”
    Cooperate with the world’s top 500 total (TOTAL) energy
    Social Innovator TOP10
    “One Belt One Road” Youth Outstanding Contribution Award
    Awarded as “2020 Good Enterprise”
    Business Review “Management Action Award”
    POWER-SOLUTION Provides affordable clean energy for global BOP population reported by The Guardian
    “Candles Killer” was reported by the Guardian

  • 2021

    Milestone timeline

    The cover report company of the first issue of Business Review magazine in 2021
    Case Enterprise of “Social Entrepreneurship II” Team of Teacher Zhao Meng, Renda Business School
    The world’s first product that has passed IFC VeraSol quality certification and has an off-grid solar education system. It won the highest design award in China’s foreign trade: Canton Fair CF Award
    The company was appraised as an internship base of Shenzhen University with a more complete enterprise talent pool.
    Cooperation with China’s top 500 Skyworth Group
    BRICS Women’s Entrepreneurship Competition Special Recognition Award
    POWER-SOLUTION was selected in the Global Women’s Empowerment Training Program of “Inspiring Women’s Power and Promoting Energy Transition”
    Invited by TEDx Shenzhen 2021 Annual Conference Keynote Speech

  • 2022

    Highlighted events

    In March 2022 Power Solution received 10 million financing fromBeijing SANY Foundation

    In September 2022, Power Solution was selected for inclusion inthe Harvard University Case Database

    In October 2022, Power Solution’s new product solar media machine waslaunched in Kenya for the first time and was reported by KTN, the mainstreammedia in Kenya,and ChinaDaily & Xinhua News Agency.

    In October 2022, Li Xia, the founder of Power Solution, was invited to attendGOGLA off-grid solar expo and forum(the highest level in the world)

    In November 2022, Li Xia,the founder of Power Solution, was invited toattend the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) and spoke atthe”China-Africa Cooperation on Renewable Energy” side event