Good news! Good news! VeraSol certificate of Power Solution solar four-light system officially released

On May 10, 2021, the VeraSol certification of Power Solution solar four-lamp system was officially announced on the VeraSol website!




What is a VeraSol certificate?

VeraSol is an updated version of Lighting Global.

Lighting Global is an initiative of the World Bank Group to rapidly increase the availability of off-grid solar energy for the 789 million people living without electricity worldwide. “Lighting Global” managed by the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank, with the support of the Energy Sector Management Assistant Program (ESMAP), cooperates with manufacturers, distributors, governments and other development partners to jointly establish and develop the modern off-grid solar market. Lighting Global’s plan is supported by ESMAP, Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Agency (PPIAF), Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) and the IKEA Foundation.

So far, nearly 180 million people have benefited from the use of “Lighting Global” quality certified solar products, and more than 52 million people are currently using these products to meet their basic (level 1) electricity needs. Since 2009, more than 42 million quality-proven products have been sold. Since then, due to the use of quality-proven products, approximately 47 million tons of CO2 emissions have been avoided.


What are the benefits of a VeraSol certificate?

LightingGlobal requirements:

Participating in the bidding of solar energy systems must have IEC/Lighting Global Quality Standard Certification.

The Light Up Global Project and its related regional projects-Light Up Africa and Light Up Asia, are both committed to building a market that can bring consumers high-quality and affordable modern off-grid lighting products. Supporting client companies to expand the market for their quality certified products is the most important part of this work.



#1 Priority access to market intelligence,

#2 B2B link,

#3 Financing facilities (financing facilities/channels, through equity financing, debt financing)

#4 Participate in consumer promotion activities and business development support.

#5Participate in LG-related business cooperation

#6 Avoid political risks

#7Provide commercial insurance

#8Market Feasibility Study

#9 Technical assistance.

#10Business Roadshow

#11Promote and participate in TV programs that will be broadcast and live broadcast throughout the African continent.

#12 Bonus acquisition.

#13 Commodity sales subsidies, grants.

#14 Priority USD acquisition.

#15 The production and distribution model that supports local entrepreneurship in the supply chain.

#16 Corporate capital injection, interest-free loans.


Up to now, Power Solution has become a well-known foundry company in the industry, and has been OEM for more than 1/10 of the famous Lighting Global brands for many years, such as: Total, Solar Run, Offgridsun, Freeplay, Mango Energy, Nots Solar, Rahimafrooz, SandiSolar Renewable Energy, The great white light and other well-known brands in the industry.

Among the more than 100 products that have passed Lighting Global certification, Power Solution provides customers with up to 22 products that have passed the LG product quality certification. It is the world’s largest foundry that has passed the Lighting Global product quality certification. (Global/China Double No.1)


In addition, among the members of VeraSol, 1/5 of the products are produced by PS.


Over the years of operation, Power Solution has covered its own products in 66 developing countries around the world, helping 5.44 million households and 38.08 million people living in extreme poverty all over the world get rid of darkness at night, and at the same time save electricity expenses of 12.36 million USD. Reduce 4.24 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions for the planet!


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