Assist in flood-fighting with Henan Power-Solution is already on the way!

Solar lantern and solar lighting systems


On July 26, 2021,plenty cases of solar lanterns and solar lighting systems donated by Shenzhen Power-Solution has been delivered to the disaster-struck areas in Henan province at a full jump.


Full inspection and assemble specifications


Seal and reinforce the outer box


Shenzhen Power-Solution is contributing its solar lamps to the flooded region in advance as usual to tackling the power outages.

Each solar lamp will be fully inspected and charged to ensure a longer lighting time.


Different from previous years, the scale of the flood is far beyond our imagination and the logistics transportation was nearly breakdown in Henan

The lighting supplies will be sent to Wuhan first and the local volunteers will personally carry them to the areas severely affected by power cuts in the floods.


                  L070 solar torch(for outdoor use ,lighting 50m away)


K068 multi-functional solar lighting kits


“Power-Solution”has been stayed committed to itself for 12 years.


The hand lamps we donated in 2013 Ya’an earthquake



Also in 2014 Yunnan Earthquake


 2020 Jiangxi floods


Though Power-Solution cannot combat the flood on the front line, we can help them in another way.  When facing the extreme weather , everyone can be a part of support as a Chinese.


Who we truly contend our thanks to is “them”:

“the cutest one” who are fighting on the front line


Salute them !!


Congratulations to the people’s Liberation Army in advance, “August 1 Army Day” happy!



For more information,

please contact Fiona Wang

Tel:+86 138 2354 5153