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Global shipping freight are rocketing up to the top constantly, “raise the price casually” can describe the current global shipping market status exactly. However the performance of shipping companies seems pleasant , but they will pay the price of the risk of imported inflation that the macro economy must bear.

Staff in shipping companies were shouting out “freight are going insane” and “record breaking” when rates soared in last August and September, and the price are still unstoppable now.


  1. The sequelae of the “Big Shipping Jam”

A large freighter aground off in the Suez Canal, causing known as what has become  the “biggest shipping jam of the century” on March 23rd,3 months ago,


  1. No cabin to find, the prices rising have been the norm in the shipping industry this year.

The port congestion , jam in supply chain, dramatic increase of export trade, great demand for container transport , slow in transport capacity affected by epidemic, and based on those elements,the export container freight continue to rise


  1. Is the surge in shipping prices poses a resistance on exports ?

The uneven global recovery in 2021 further pushed up the prices, high shipping prices in the U.S. and Europe reflecting a strong demand currently, and port congestion may be an obstruction on export shipments.


So is there any ways to reduce freight or relieve the pressure under the situation of rising freight?Here it is ! Power Solution has made a bold attempt!


Solar 4 bulbs system(K015)


Solar 4 bulbs system(K015)


Change your mindset: If you can’t change the freight, try to load products as much as you can. By reducing the size of color box based on the fact that no damage of products during transportation,then the freight is reduced by 50%. This will undoubtedly greatly relieve the pressure of transportation costs for customers.

Besides that, we also have some models which can save up to 90% freight.


Solar 3 bulbs system(K013)


Solar 3 bulbs system(K013)


This is the service mode of Power Solution, which solves the urgent need of customers through clever design. A small change can save 90% of the freight.


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