We had overcome all obstacles in 2020, and we are about to rise to the top in 2021

2020 has quietly left, and the new 2021 has arrived. The past 2020 was a year for power-solution to overcome obstacles and set sail. The arrival of the epidemic caught us off guard and allowed us to grow day by day, and we still maintain The original intention to improve the BOP (Bottom Of Pyramid) family living environment.

We are not alone this year. With support and encouragement from friends, customers and like-minded people, we have the power to move forward courageously and overcome all difficulties.

Even after being affected by the epidemic, Power-Solution still achieved many brilliances during the year.

Awards and honors

Power-Solution won the 2020 Xiangguang Award | TOP 10 Social Enterprise of the Year

The 2020 Xiangguang Award attracted a total of 482 companies from across the country to participate in the evaluation. After fierce competitions such as early registration, authoritative expert selection, and online roadshows, Power-Solution (Shenzhen Chengxinnuo Technology Co., Ltd.) stood out from many shortlisted companies and won the “2020 Xiangguang Award | TOP10 Social Enterprise of the Year”.

Power-Solution won the first batch of high-tech enterprises in 2019

On December 9, 2019, Shenzhen announced the first batch of 3457 high-tech enterprises in 2019.The Power-Solution has lived up to expectations and was once again rated as a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen.

Power-Solution won the Innovative Enterprise Management Action Award

The “Business Review” Management Action Award aims to promote Chinese companies to absorb new ideas and practice new ideas. Many well-known companies and Power-Solution  have won the “Management Action Award”together.

Top 20 Entrepreneurship Stories along the Belt and Road

The “Belt and Road” Youth Entrepreneurship Stories Collection Activity is open to Chinese entrepreneurs involved in “Belt and Road” international cooperation entrepreneurial projects, foreign entrepreneurs who benefit from the “Belt and Road” construction and start businesses in China or other countries, and “Belt and Road” entrepreneurship The recorder and witness of the story. Li Xia, the founder of Power-Solution, won the top 20 entrepreneurial stories in the Belt and Road Initiative.

2019 China’s Most Potential Social Enterprise TOP20 Awards Ceremony

The sixth from left is Li Xia, the founder of Power-Solution

With the support of the People’s Government of Wuhou District, Sichuan Province and HSBC Bank (HSBC China Social Enterprise Support Program) and other institutions, Enpai Charity and China Business Bank launched the 2019 “Top 20 Social Enterprises with Most Development Potential” selection activity.

2019 China’s most promising social enterprises TOP 20

On May 24, 2019, Power-solution stood out from more than 150 registered companies across the country and was awarded the “Top 20 Social Enterprises with the Most Development Potential in 2019”.

First Prize of the 4th Chinese Enterprise Brand Story Exchange Event

The Chinese corporate brand story exchange activity is jointly organized by the Commercial Industry Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Commercial Certification Center of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Legal Services Department of the China Chamber of International Commerce and China Trade News, and is jointly organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the China Chamber of International Commerce and the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce.

The “Light Up the World” project selected by Power-Solution Company won the first prize of the event.

Top 10 social innovators in 2019

The Shenzhen Chengxinnuo Technology Co., Ltd. (Power-Solution)defeated many project innovators in the same group with outstanding results in the “environmental” competition that participated in the selection, and became the TOP10 social innovator (environmental) in 2019.

2019 SDG Social Design Challenge Best Action Award

“Visible Power” 2019 SDG Social Design Challenge is co-sponsored by Xiaoya Gaga Public Welfare Culture Promotion Center, World Youth Innovation Center, and Jialu Cultural Communication. Power-solution’s work “Candle Destroyer” was fortunate to win the Best Action Award.

Chinese social enterprise certification bonus medal community title

“China Social Enterprise Certification” is provided by Shenzhen China Charity Exhibition Development Center, Peking University Civil Society Research Center, Yunus Social Enterprise and Microfinance Research Center of Renmin University of China, Yifang Charity Foundation, International Philanthropy Institute, China Philanthropy Research Institute , Enpai Charity, a total of 7 sponsors jointly initiated.

Power-Solution won the title of Gold Medal Community in 2019.

“Silk Road Youth Dream Meeting” is an annual Silk Road Youth International Humanities Exchange Project co-sponsored by the Silk Road City Alliance, China Friendship and Peace Development Foundation, Beijing Silk Road Cooperation and Development Promotion Association, and Chongyang Institute of Finance of Renmin University of China.

Power-Solution won the 2020 Belt and Road Youth Outstanding Contribution Award.

Academic case

Thanks to teachers He Bo, Zhang Hongliang, Chen Chen, Xu Jingyue

The Power-Solution case was included in the Tsinghua School of Economics and Management·China Business Administration Case Library

Power-Solution’s Bottom of the Pyramid Market Innovation Road

Thanks to Ms. Zhao Meng, Renmin University Business School

Power-Solution cases are included in SAGE-Business Cases (business management case library)-

From BOP,for BOP:China’s Power-Solution


After 12 years of ups and downs, what has settled down is the calm indifference of Power-Solution. In 2020, even if the epidemic is ruthlessly raging, Power-Solution will continue to shine and create light.

In 2021, Power-Solution will work with many customers and like-minded people, adhering to the vision of improving the living environment of the BOP family, and will continue to work hard.