Do you believe in the power of solar energy?

Customer 1: The same product, why is your price higher than other suppliers?

Power Solution: Because our products are stronger and more durable, the battery materials are better, the solar panel tempered glass is thicker, the shell is made of 100% pure ABS and 100% pure PC plastic, and the bulb is anti-drop…

Customer 1: It doesn’t need to be so good, I just want the low price, you can do as I ask.

Customer 2: I think other products use large solar panels and small batteries. Why don’t you use them?

Power Solution: Because solar products are actually the most important power supply equipment for the whole family in many areas. In rainy days and rainy seasons, once the power in the host is used up, there will be no electricity for the next few days, even basic lighting. There is no guarantee. Therefore, our products are equipped with large batteries, which can last longer.

Customer 2: No, this is something that the user considers.

Customer 3…

Customer 4…

Customer 5…

We are well aware that most users who purchase our products are facing these dilemmas:

#1 Low income, less than US$2 per day, unable to afford diesel generators

#2 Candles and kerosene lamps are easy to cause fire, and long-term use is easy to infect the respiratory tract

#3 There is no power grid in the residential area, and the land is large and sparsely populated. The cost of laying power grids for several households alone is too high.

You may not be able to imagine what life is like in a developed city. Anyone who has been to the “last mile” knows that the real life is in dire straits.


Kenya village


Residential houses in the center of Ethiopia


Ethiopian countryside


So practical, durable, and affordable solar lights are the “household appliances” they really need

Many friends are curious about how our products are designed so as to meet market requirements, and why their customers will look for suppliers everywhere with pictures of our products, so popular? That is because we firmly believe that seeing is believing. Power Solution visits end users 2 to 3 times a year (except for the epidemic), collects and counts customer feedback, continuously upgrades and updates products, and provides customers with products that are more suitable for the needs of the market. And with the BOP group as the main user design, insist on providing practical, durable and affordable solar lighting solutions.

Seriously make solar lights and single-mindedly light up the last mile. This may be the reason why we can harvest so many smiles from all over the world~


2019 Guatemala


Congo School, 2021


2019 Ethiopia


This is our story, how about yours?


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