PowerSolution participated in the 2021 Green Energy and Climate Change Technology Summit

On May 7, the “2021 Green Energy and Climate Change Technology Summit” was held at Nanyuecheng Chenggong Business School in Kunming.

This technical summit was jointly organized by the Rural Electrification Research Institute of the Ministry of Water Resources/Asia-Pacific Small Hydropower Research and Training Center, Yunnan Green Energy Industry Association, and Zhejiang Solar Photovoltaic Industry Foreign Trade Warning Point. Supporting units include China International Chamber of Commerce Yunnan Chamber of Commerce and Shenzhen More than 100 representatives from 9 companies including City Chengxinnuo Technology Co., Ltd., as well as energy departments, enterprises and universities from more than 10 countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Africa participated in the meeting.

Teachers and students attending the “2021 Green Energy and Climate Change Technology Summit”


The theme of the “2021 Green Energy and Climate Change Technology Summit” is the “Belt and Road” green energy going global and the power of photovoltaics in responding to climate change. It believes that the advantages of photovoltaics highlight the significant technological innovation and use green energy to achieve carbon peaks and carbon neutrality. And just around the corner.
At the forum site, the participants gave special lectures and wonderful sharing through domestic and international connections. Everyone had in-depth exchanges on new energy related topics. The leaders of the organization and support units delivered innovative keynote speeches at the summit, winning The warm applause from the audience and online participants at home and abroad!

2021 Green Energy and Climate Change Technology Summit

Li Xia, founder of Power-Solution, shared the report “Green Energy Empowers Low-income People in Areas Without Electricity” at the conference, and described the company’s original intention to change the life of off-grid areas and respond to climate change since 2009. For 12 years, Power-Solution has been committed to providing practical, durable, and affordable solar clean energy solutions for BOP. So far, it has generated 41 million kilowatt-hours of electricity for 5.44 million households and reduced 4.24 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Li Xia shares “Green Energy Empowers Low-income People in Electricity-Free Zones”


Li Xia said: “We should not only illuminate the life of BOP, but also send education to the last mile.”


Li Xia shares “Green Energy Empowers Low-income People in Electricity-Free Zones”


As a social enterprise, Power Solution not only provides solar lighting solutions for low-income people in areas without electricity, but also delivers education to the last mile. For this purpose, a solar education media system has been specially developed.

Each village only needs one to get a 24-hour online “teacher”. This product will provide basic school education to reduce the illiteracy rate and provide some practical applications while illuminating the lives of the BOP population with clean and green energy. Knowledge to help the BOP crowd increase their income.

Solar Media


In addition, Power Solution also cooperates with institutions in low-income areas where there is no electricity to establish after-sales points for solar products. This model not only allows solar products to last longer, but also allows local low-income people to obtain employment opportunities and increase family income.

Barefoot engineer

At 7 pm, Power Solution participated in the 2021 new energy related professional employment (internship) promotion conference (a school-enterprise exchange job fair jointly organized by Yunnan Green and New Energy Industry Association and the School of Energy and Environmental Sciences of Yunnan Normal University) after the summit. Form three research directions of photovoltaic, solar thermal, and biomass energy, and a comprehensive system of joint training and joint development of the college, the Institute of Solar Energy, the State Key Laboratory, and the National Photovoltaic Testing Center. Diversification, low-carbon, and clean energy are the development trend of future energy. Power Solution expressed its willingness to have more high-quality related personnel join in and contribute to the development of green energy along the “Belt and Road”!


2021 New Energy-related Professional Employment (Internship) Promotion Conference