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2022 Chinese New Year Holiday

Hi Dear,The New Year Holiday of POWER-SOLUTION is From January 25 to February 7,2022. The Commencement date is February 8,2022. Wish all partner a happy new year and a prosperous career!  

Is an off grid solar system worth it?

Is an off grid solar system worth it? Lights are everywhere in your world. You may not know what off grid solar system is. But in African countries, many people are using off grid solar system. What is off grid solar system? Why use it? In the first place, we need to know what is […]

Cover of the first issue of Business Review in 2021–POWER-SOLUTION:Light up the future at the bottom of the pyramid

At the end of 2019, COVID-19 pandemic broke out around the world. Domestic and international business circles had ups and downs with the epidemic. The company or factory that was still open yesterday may disappear today. As a Chinese enterprise focusing on foreign markets, POWER-SOLUTION has also experienced ups and downs in the past two years. It is […]

Urgent notice: power cuts in China

Dear Friend   This is top urgently information, as you may heard that China government start to control the electricity to reduce the carbon emission, there must bring the material cost increase and delivery time delay. We already received information from our material supplier they are allowed to have electricity 3-4 days a week.   […]

How to break the situation in the late epidemic era

In December 2019, a sudden “outbreak epidemic” struck the world and was severely changed the way of our living. The whole world entered the “epidemic era” eventually. Up to now, the epidemic has brought many changes in all aspect.   Sales decline caused by the city lockdown   Stay at home   Container shortage and […]

Those Things You Didn’t Know About the TOKYO 2020 Olympics

Tokyo Olympic Games   A podium made of garbage? A bed made of paper? surprised to be the most “shabby” Olympics in history Is all this a “distortion” of humanity or a “decay” of morality? Welcome to the special section of Sports Channel “Those Things You Didn’t Know About the Olympics   Cardboard beds For this Olympics, Tokyo government has […]

Super Plus joy!  Power Solution’s solar home system was officially announced on the VeraSol website.

On July 21, 2021, the Power Solution’s solar home system was published on the VeraSol official website!       That was the 26th Power-solution products that meets the VeraSol certification. It accounts for 1/10 of all VeraSol products. Meanwhile, Power-Solution is also providing reliable and stable quality solar products for 1/6 of the VeraSol members. […]

Assist in flood-fighting with Henan Power-Solution is already on the way!

Solar lantern and solar lighting systems   On July 26, 2021,plenty cases of solar lanterns and solar lighting systems donated by Shenzhen Power-Solution has been delivered to the disaster-struck areas in Henan province at a full jump.   Full inspection and assemble specifications   Seal and reinforce the outer box   Shenzhen Power-Solution is contributing its […]


#Energy Transition #Woman Empowerment Training period:2021-2022   “Energising Woman To Advance The Energy Transition”   Global Women’s Empowerment Training Program   List Announced     In order to increase the female impacts in driving energy transition, By commission of the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (BMWI),the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) has in collaboration […]

Good news! Good news! VeraSol certificate of Power Solution solar four-light system officially released

On May 10, 2021, the VeraSol certification of Power Solution solar four-lamp system was officially announced on the VeraSol website!     More… What is a VeraSol certificate? VeraSol is an updated version of Lighting Global. Lighting Global is an initiative of the World Bank Group to rapidly increase the availability of off-grid solar energy […]