Cover of the first issue of Business Review in 2021–POWER-SOLUTION:Light up the future at the bottom of the pyramid

At the end of 2019, COVID-19 pandemic broke out around the world. Domestic and international business circles had ups and downs with the epidemic. The company or factory that was still open yesterday may disappear today.

As a Chinese enterprise focusing on foreign markets, POWER-SOLUTION has also experienced ups and downs in the past two years. It is like a roller coaster. Fortunately, everything is still on track.

As a small private enterprise, why can POWER-SOLUTION be on the cover of the first issue of Business Review in 2021, one of the most influential magazines in China’s business investment circle?

As one of the wind vanes of China’s business investment circle, why did Business Review choose POWER-SOLUTION? What makes this enterprise stand out among many excellent enterprises and be favored by the magazine?

As a retiring editor of Business Review Magazine, why did Liu Xuewei choose power solution for his final work? Why is the story of POWER SOLUTION’s growth described in more detail and length than at any time in the more than ten years since business Review was first published?

The whole Chinese business circle is puzzled. What kind of story does this small enterprise have?

Let’s open business review magazine and approach POWER SOLUTION to understand its different growth path and feel its charming charm.

In 2004, Susan Lee founded power solution to do export trade. The main business was to make promotional gifts for airlines and international brands. Most of the customers came from developed regions.

In 2007, Susan Lee came to India to visit customers. Seeing the power shortage life in India for the first time overturned her understanding of India. What she saw and heard in the slums of India aroused the memory of her poor life as a child.Having experienced poverty herself, she felt a strong desire to help them to give them a ray of hope, a beam of light.

After returning to China, Susan Lee kept thinking. Combined with the current environment, what kind of help can be given to the poor people? Which direction should the company go? Make money from the rich or the poor? Can gold be found at the bottom of the pyramid?

After careful consideration, even in the face of pressure inside and outside the company, Susan Lee decided to transform the company to make solar products and serve the bottom of the pyramid (BOP).

Susan Lee adopted a steady way of transformation. The original business was entrusted to other principals, and she led another key employee to explore solar products.

In order to make every penny spent by the poor worthwhile, POWER-SOLUTION reshaped its business model and expanded from pure trade to manufacturing.

In order to make the poor spend value for every penny, POWER-SOLUTION has made major adjustments in six aspects. First, it reshapes its operation mode, expanding from simple trade to manufacturing; Second, it requires strict quality control, strict selection of suppliers, and the establishment of indoor and outdoor testing laboratories; Third, it integrates and optimizes the supply chain; Fourth, it standardizes the core components; Fifth, it requires field research every year to deeply understand the market; Sixth, it requires design innovation to optimize the cost performance to the extreme.

After years of design innovation, the Candles Killer developed by POWER-SOLUTION only uses 9 parts and 1 screw. It can also use mineral water bottles as lamp holders. In addition, it has developed Lego Building Block Lamps, Pay As You Go and other products.

In 2018, after 15 years of hard work, POWER SOLUTION ushered in a moment of glory. It has received attention, recognition and support from the international community, and external investors have frequently invited it for cooperation. But it is also a big challenge, such as the influence of competitors and outside funds.

In 2020, POWER SOLUTION’s new Solar Media Solar Media player went into production. Susan Lee participated in various forums and called on more people, more enterprises and more organizations to follow her for the “last kilometer” and light up the future for more people at the bottom of the pyramid.

Meanwhile, because of “The Belt and Road Initiative”, the African and other poverty-stricken areas have received more attention from institutions and enterprises. Those organizations began to look for ways to enter the BOP crowd. Susan Lee believes that the “solar media player” launched by POWER SOLUTION is one of the entrances to this path, which can interact with relevant enterprises. In this way, enterprises can achieve the purpose of information dissemination and carbon neutralization; The poor have access to rich knowledge and information; POWER SOLUTION helps users, makes products cheaper and more users can afford it.

Looking back on the whole road of transformation and growth, it is undoubtedly full of difficulties and challenges everywhere. However, POWER SOLUTION has always adhered to the four advanced enterprise concepts and guided its actions with the concept. Four enterprise concepts: first, its beautiful vision is “Solar energy creates a new life”; Second, its original mission is “Serving our customers with more competitive and affordable green energy for everyone and providing innovative designs in light of what users value most”; Third, its core values are “Speciality, Integrity, Practicability, Innovation, Win-Win conception”; Fourth, its advanced operation principle is “Start up with sincereness, Go further with reliance, Win-Win comes from promises.”. For more than ten years, POWER SOLUTION has been committed to green energy, improving the living environment of BOP people around the world, and has developed steadily, continuously providing better services for BOP people and creating products with strong cost performance.