Those Things You Didn’t Know About the TOKYO 2020 Olympics

Tokyo Olympic Games


A podium made of garbage? A bed made of paper?

surprised to be the most “shabby” Olympics in history

Is all this a “distortion” of humanity or a “decay” of morality?

Welcome to the special section of Sports Channel “Those Things You Didn’t Know About the Olympics


Cardboard beds

For this Olympics, Tokyo government has prepared 26,000 beds, each with a length of 2 meters and a width of 90 cm. From the head of the bed to the bed frame, they are all made of cardboard. There is no metal or wood in it . After the Olympics, they will be completely recycled and reused.


cardboard bed


It seems okay but when you look closer…..


Inner structure




However, Takashi Kitajima the general manager of the Tokyo Olympic Village explains that these cardboard beds are no problem even for a big fat man weighing 400 kilograms.and these cardboard beds are even stronger than wooden beds.

(I don’t know if athletes can sleep well. Anyway, those beds look like they’re going to collapse…)


Medals extracted from e-waste

All the medals of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 are made of gold, silver and copper that are extracted from waste recycling.


Medals made of recycled materials


Torch made of waste aluminum

The top of the Olympic torch is shaped like sakura and is made of  aluminum, which is mainly taken from the scrap of the prefabricated house built during the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Although many netizens are complaining about the’“stingy”of  the Tokyo Olympics , and the way of recycling resources without burdening the environment shows that Japan’s adherence to the concept of environmental protection is commendable.

We must know that the environmental pollution is getting more serious and shocked by numerous plastic garbage that scattered around the ocean

These plastic wastes is a huge threat to the marine ecosystem. Ocean lives eat plastic waste by mistake and these wastes could  remain in the their bodies for several months, eventually causing their death due to the inability to digest any food.

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Solar Media & package


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Combined effect


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