How to break the situation in the late epidemic era

In December 2019, a sudden “outbreak epidemic” struck the world and was severely changed the way of our living. The whole world entered the “epidemic era” eventually. Up to now, the epidemic has brought many changes in all aspect.


Sales decline caused by the city lockdown


Stay at home


Container shortage and port congestion triggers the increase in ocean freight.


Ocean freight keep rising


Raw material price rising results increase in products price.


Raw materials


How should we deal with it when facing so many challenges ?

How should the solar energy business break this situation?


Power Solution team


Conventional strategies and proposals are no longer work out in the  “epidemic era”, and changes must be made to adapt to the new environment. Meanwhile,Power Solution has modified its strategies and plans in multiple dimension.

Degrade the product configuration by moderating the high-power solar panels and large-capacity batteries.

The original solar panels are high-powered , which can provide users for a long lighting time and charge several mobile phones at the same time. For now ! The whole city was in lockdown and the unsteady income due to high unemployment rate. Our sincere suggestion is to meet the rigid demands of our end users. Lighting and phone charging is enough.

So we first reduced the configuration of the product, solved the basic needs, and redesigned the product to further reduce his purchase cost.


K015,4-lighting solar systems


Optimize and further standardize our current products, , and use common materials as much as possible in all products to increase inventory turnover rate.

Now that the materials are rising dramatically, large amounts of raw material were procured. because the versatility of the product can cope with different orders, and different products for common use.

The original OEM and ODM services accounted for a higher proportion, which led to the relatively more personalized raw materials. The advantage of using common materials combined with  bulk purchases will further reduce the procurement costs and increase inventory turnover rate. More stored material can also be used to respond to the issue of price rising.

Up to now, Power Solution has prepared the materials that enough to be used until next year.

For this process,our entire team has not had any rest for almost two months. The engineering team was constantly selecting materials and replacing parts with standardized materials. That’s a challenge for us.


hot-selling standard products


Cooperate with World Bank


Power Solution’s supply chain was overwhelmed before. By collaboration with World Bank’s in some projects had fully demonstrated that Power Solution own the ability to produce world-leading standards products.

When the epidemic strikes, international organizations, including the World Bank, the United Nations, and other noun-government organizations, as well as large multinational corporations,they invest more funds to support the developing countries.


Power Solution was a quality oriented company, and strictly implement production according with international standards.

As the first batch of companies in the world to meets the World Bank’s global quality requirements, the epidemic was happen to brought a chance to survive in the crisis–Power Solution has become one of their quality qualified and reliable



LG certification


OEM for European and American companies.


When the epidemic approaches, China social company gained further recognition of European and American enterprises, and which enterprises have been able to develop sustainably.

For European and American countries, their social enterprises owns a lot of funds, especially when the epidemic comes, they will raise a lot of funds to support the developing countries in Africa and India.

Many efforts and energy we have contributed in this industry, we have been recognized by more enterprises, and Power Solution also partnered with them. now that companies are in difficulties, Each social enterprise has great consensus and resilience , not just commercial competition, but show more respect for the greater good .

We are now serving many OEM for European and American companies to survive.

Over years of operation, Power Solution has covered its own products in 66 developing countries around the world, helping 5.44 million households and 38.08 million people living in extreme poverty get rid of darkness at night worldwide, and at the same time saved electricity expenses of 12.36 million USD and reduced 4.24 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions for the planet!