Power Solution been widely reported by China’s media

Recently, Power-Solution has been widely reported by China Net and other media!

Under the wave of globalization, Chinese companies continue to export and replicate Chinese-style successful models overseas by virtue of their huge local market base, the efficiency and cost advantages of supply chains, and the speed of product development and innovation iterations. In recent years, with the exhaustion of domestic traffic dividends, entering overseas markets has become the first choice for many companies.

Previously, technology giants such as Xiaomi, Huawei, and tiktok have all successfully “goes overseas”, releasing huge potential energy in overseas markets. So, if the same advantages are used to solve the global poverty problem, will it bring greater scale effects in creating social value?

Power-Solution is a Chinese company that has been deeply involved in the bottom of the pyramid (Bottom Of Pyramid, BoP) for 13 years. Long before the “going overseas” craze, Li Xia, founder of Power-Solution, led the team to anchor the company’s vision in improving the quality of life of the BoP population and promoting the process of global poverty reduction. In the 13 years since her business, she has provided sustainable solar energy products to 42.64 million poor people around the world; helped countless infants and young children avoid respiratory diseases caused by inhaling the black harmful gases emitted by candles and kerosene lamps, and greatly reduced fire hazards for poor families in Africa ; accumulatively generate 56.5 million kWh of solar energy for extremely poor families; reduce 5.05 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions for the earth.

Susan with BOP children in India

About 800 million people around the world live without electricity grids, and 75% of them live in sub-Saharan Africa, where Integrity’s main market is. Li Xia, the founder of Power-Solution, travels to and from Africa all the year round, and understands the living conditions of local residents first-hand. Starting from the living environment and actual needs of users, and constantly optimizing product design according to actual life scenarios, the practicability and cost-effectiveness of products are pushed to the extreme. .

She also asked the management and sales staff to follow the dealers to visit families in these impoverished areas every year and conduct on-the-spot research. Some users live in extremely harsh environments and sometimes have to walk five or six hours to get there.

In order to make every penny spent by the poor, Power-Solution tries to create the best quality with the lowest cost. Its core product, the “Candle Killer” solar lighting lamp, retails for only US$5 locally, which is equivalent to buying a kerosene lamp for 3 months, but it can be used for 3-5 years or even longer, with 5 hours of sunlight during the day. It can guarantee more than 6 hours of lighting at night. In order to make it affordable for users, Li Xia insists on spending money on the “blade” in product design, not saving a penny for quality-related parts, and “cutting down the parts and links that are not necessary”. Sun Power solar panel, the core component of Power-Solution’s solar products, is the solar technology with the highest conversion efficiency and the best quality on the market; the battery is also the most expensive lithium iron phosphate power battery commonly used in electric vehicles, which can be used for 2,000 to 3,000 cycles; LED lights The beads use the products with the highest luminous efficiency that meet the US Energy Star standard LM80. The “Candle Killer” also became one of the first products to receive the World Bank’s “Light the World” certification.

On the other hand, in order to reduce the cost of materials, labor and logistics, the R&D team of Power-Solution has iterated many times in the past 6 years to reduce the size and weight of the “candle destroyer”, cut off all the redundant parts of the lighting, and the entire product has only 9 parts, The bracket was reduced from 13.5cm to 6cm, and the number of screws was reduced from 6 to 1. When Li Xia visited many impoverished areas in the world, she found that mineral water bottles can be seen everywhere, and almost all of the mineral water bottles have the same diameter and specification, so when she came back, she decided to remove the lamp holder of the lighting lamp and replaced it with a hook bracket that can be hung up and down directly. The card can be used at the mouth of the mineral water bottle, which greatly saves material costs and transportation costs.

Considering the limited economic capacity of the BoP group, in order to reduce the maintenance expenses of users, when Power-solution was established, Li Xia required that the solar lamps produced must be “non-integrated”, that is, each component can be replaced independently. The lifespan of each component of a solar light varies widely, with switches that may only last two to three years, while bulbs last five years. Once a part is broken, only a single part can be replaced, which reduces electronic waste and reduces the user’s expenditure by 80%. Moreover, in 2016, Power-Solution took the lead in realizing intelligent installment payment in the BoP group, and launched Pay as you go installment solar products to solve the problem of unaffordability. This solution will greatly promote the use of solar home appliances in Africa. sales and popularity.

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Although it has served users to the greatest extent, how to find the profit point of the enterprise between the lowest cost and the highest quality? This is the toughest issue facing any social enterprise. On the one hand, Power-Solution wins profit space with market-leading operational efficiency, and on the other hand, continuously expands the scale of users with the best product reputation.

Usually consumer goods companies will provide consumers with as many product sku as possible, and use as many styles and tricks as possible to make consumers think that there are more choices. Li Xia believes that the needs of the user groups she faces are extremely consistent, usually “no electricity and no money”, so “practical, durable, affordable” needs to be the highest priority in product design. In order to strive for greater profit margins, she needs to push the company’s operational efficiency to the extreme. Since 2019, Power-Solution has embarked on the standardized manufacturing of products, realizing the generalization of more than 70% of product materials, which is rare in the industry, greatly reducing the procurement cost of products and further enhancing market competitiveness. Common product materials have brought huge advantages in centralized procurement and turnover, which is particularly evident during the epidemic. When domestic and foreign counterparts have delayed delivery of various orders, Power-Solution can still deliver orders on time with quality and quantity. It has effectively ensured that tens of millions of people in off-grid areas around the world have access to clean energy and household lighting in their daily lives.

Power-Solution’s focus on the user side has also won it a good product reputation, effectively driving the natural growth of users, realizing the company’s minimal marketing expenses, but it has provided solar energy products and services to 42.64 million users around the world, and the number of new users has increased year by year. It has been maintained at more than 1 million households.

In 2021, Power-Solution will achieve an annual revenue of tens of millions of US dollars and maintain high growth potential.

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