Let’s go camping!

According to Ctrip data, since the beginning of 2022, the growth rate of platform camping products has reached 800%. From January to early April 2022, the number of users who signed up for camping tours through Ctrip was more than five times that of the whole of 2021. According to the “Spring Travel Trend Report” released by Ctrip, the bookings of camping products from March to April were full, a month-on-month increase of 120%.

The fast-paced life in reinforced concrete leaves us with less and less breathing time. The exciting events in the city are constantly being staged, and the convenience services are reliant, but it is also in these stimuli that the threshold of our enjoyment is constantly raised. Gradually, our desire to live in the city is gradually lowered, and we are more and more eager for the peace of mind given by the countryside.

The word camping comes into sight again and again, stirring the impetuous heart of every urbanite who is tired of life. More and more people in the circle of friends are joining the camping team. In the past May Day holiday, friends from different cities could be swiped every day to go camping on the outskirts of the city or by the sea.

Last Saturday, “The Sixth Season of Longing for Life” was broadcast. The scene of a group of friends getting together to be self-reliant and self-sufficient has prompted every friend who yearns to be outdoors to prepare to embrace nature and actively purchase camping supplies. Although the epidemic has suspended our pace of exploring the distance, the leisure of the holiday has allowed us to start a different carnival.

If you need to camp out overnight, lamps are a must-have item. Solar lights have unique advantages in all kinds of lighting products, eliminating the worry of being unable to charge due to no electricity in the wild. Power-Solution also brings some solar products suitable for outdoor use to friends who love the outdoors. In addition to the lighting function, the lantern in the picture below also has a mobile phone charging function, reducing the burden of carrying a power bank. At the same time, the SOS function can be lost or in danger. Call for help to get attention.

In addition to lighting problems in camping, setting up a comfortable tent is also an important factor in improving happiness. One of the problems that is easy to occur after setting up the tent is that the lack of ventilation causes the inside of the tent to be sultry, but the camp has no power connection to the fan. How to solve this problem? Power-Solution also has an answer. Our K025 Solar Energy System series products have two USB output ports, four light bulb output ports, and two DC output ports can drive home appliances to run! So with the help of the K025 Solar Home System, you can get the fans running even in areas without electricity! Perfect for the power needs of a camping area, whether it’s charging your phone, lighting at night or running a fan to cool your tent.

As a national high-tech enterprise and a gold social enterprise, Power Solution has more than 60 patents. Its products have received project cooperation from many international organizations such as UNICEF, UNDP, UNHCR, and the support of large enterprises. At the same time, as the first batch of companies to produce World Bank Lighting Global certified products, as of March 2022, 34 of the 230 products that have passed the World Bank Lighting Global Certification are produced by Chengxinnuo, accounting for 15%. .

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