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Glad to know our product is loved by so many people, with the DC fan, wish you can get rid of the unbearable hot !!! And live a better life~

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“Today we have opened a new project to build a solar panel in Makana town Rahama district, Madugu town in Tulai,and in Magama town.Each includes at least six pumps, bathroom, guard room and a barn.After this, we have launched the distribution of solar power for 90 houses in Makana towns, Madugu and Magana town each with fan. May God grant us the blessings that are in it, Amen”

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Want to know which product did he chose? Our power K-025, check our Products category and clink Solar Energy System, you can get a better understanding of it.Solar Powered lighting System with Soalr TV & Fan and Radio(PS-K025L2) | Solar Home Systems Manufacturers,Paygo Solar Manufacturers, Really SHS Factory,Shenzhen Power Solution (