Bringing a flash of light into the off-grid area@Susan Li

Speaker Introduction Susan Li Li Xia, the founder of Shenzhen Power-solution Ind Co., Ltd., who had awarded the 2018 New Energy Leader of Asian Development Bank , China Gold Social Enterprise. And the story of the enterprise was selected into the Business School in Renmin University of China, SEM in Tsinghua University and SAGE business case.     Full text of the speech Bring lights to the off-grid […]

China Social Enterprise Forum | Power Solution will continue to contribute to lighting up the world in 2021

On May 31, the China Social Enterprise and Impact Investment Forum interviewed Power Solution. During the interview, Li Xia, the founder of Chengxinnuo, shared the precious experience of Chengxinnuo in the past 12 years. To this day, Xinxinnuo still adheres to the path of “integrity and promise”, integrating business and improving the living environment of […]

Sandstorm strikes again, Power- Solution appeals: Environmental protection starts with you and me

The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow dust storm warning on the 15th. According to reports, this is also the most intense sandstorm process in my country in the past decade, and the range of sandstorms is also the widest in the past decade. Turning on the phone, a “sandstorm” also blew up in the […]

Ebola virus comeback, Power solution tells you how to popularize epidemic knowledge

Recently, the Ebola epidemic occurred in Guinea and Congo (DRC) one after another, which has caused many deaths. The World Health Organization has issued early warning to six neighboring countries, including Sierra Leone and Liberia. In response to the new round of Ebola epidemic since this year, the governments of Guinea and Congo (DRC) and […]

Participants of the third phase of the Chinese Entrepreneur Course at Renmin University of Business School came to visit Power-Solution

With the changes in the global political and economic environment and the increase of uncertain factors, the internal management and external expansion problems faced by Chinese enterprises are constantly restricting the development of enterprises. As a high-density gathering area of global enterprises and entrepreneurs, more and more entrepreneurs have realized the importance of practicing internal […]

65 yuan per kilowatt-hour! What happened in Texas, USA?

65 yuan per kilowatt-hour! What happened in Texas, USA?   The epidemic is not over yet, but the blizzard is here again. According to US news media reports, the recent winter storm that caused headaches in the United States swept through many areas of the United States, killing at least 23 people, powering out more […]
Sustainability award

Congratulations to our Singapore partner:Mr.Hari for the "Sustainability"award !

Congratulations to our Singapore partner:Mr.Hari for the “Sustainability”award ! Total of 600 companies participated in the competition, and only 7 of them won awards. Congratulations to our partner Hari for winning the “Sustainability” award.
New Energy Leader

ShenZhen Power Solution Got "New Energy Leader" On 2018 Asia-Pacific Forum On Low Carbon Technology

ShenZhen Power Solution Got “New Energy Leader” On 2018 Asian Investment Bank Asia-Pacific Forum On Low Carbon Technology.
paygo solar

Beyond Solar: How Pay-As-You-Go Financing is Building Credit for the World’s Poor?

When it comes to energy access, we’re fond of saying “small is big.” That’s because all of those small-scale solar lanterns, solar home systems and solar mini-grids potentially add up to a very big market. But the future size of that market, and its social impact, could well be dwarfed by an even larger opportunity: information. […]
Baoan Industry Development Expo -2

2018 Baoan Industry Development Expo

2018 is the fortieth anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening up Initiative. As one of the frontiers of China’s Reform and Opening up Initiative, after 40 years of rapid development, Bao’an has built a solid industrial base, a strong industrial support, and an open economic structure. Focusing on the theme of “the Bay Area Center, […]