2022 Chinese New Year Holiday

Hi Dear,The New Year Holiday of POWER-SOLUTION is From January 25 to February 7,2022. The Commencement date is February 8,2022. Wish all partner a happy new year and a prosperous career!  

Is off-grid solar cheaper?

Is off-grid solar cheaper? This is a complex problem. It looks like a simple question, but we don’t know the actual question needs of the questioner, so we need to consider many aspects and set many preconditions for comparison. For example, is off grid solar energy compared with grid connected solar energy, or with other […]

Is an off grid solar system worth it?

Is an off grid solar system worth it? Lights are everywhere in your world. You may not know what off grid solar system is. But in African countries, many people are using off grid solar system. What is off grid solar system? Why use it? In the first place, we need to know what is […]

Cover of the first issue of Business Review in 2021–POWER-SOLUTION:Light up the future at the bottom of the pyramid

At the end of 2019, COVID-19 pandemic broke out around the world. Domestic and international business circles had ups and downs with the epidemic. The company or factory that was still open yesterday may disappear today. As a Chinese enterprise focusing on foreign markets, POWER-SOLUTION has also experienced ups and downs in the past two years. It is […]

Nature Can’t Wait

Countries should commit to conserving at least 30% of the planet’s land and oceans by 2030 in order to prevent a catastrophic loss of nature and stem climate change. The global investments needed to achieve this goal must come from a combination of enhanced public and private finance. SAN JOSÉ – Costa Rica is celebrating […]

Fuel shortage forces shutdown of main Lebanese power plants

Deir Ammar and Zahrani power plants run out of diesel and grind to halt, prompting sporadic protests. A customer uses her phone’s torch light in a grocery store during a power cut near Bhamdoun, Lebanon   Beirut, Lebanon – The two main power plants in crisis-hit Lebanon have gone out of commission, effectively stopping all state […]

Urgent notice: power cuts in China

Dear Friend   This is top urgently information, as you may heard that China government start to control the electricity to reduce the carbon emission, there must bring the material cost increase and delivery time delay. We already received information from our material supplier they are allowed to have electricity 3-4 days a week.   […]

Super Plus joy!  Power Solution’s solar home system was officially announced on the VeraSol website.

On July 21, 2021, the Power Solution’s solar home system was published on the VeraSol official website!       That was the 26th Power-solution products that meets the VeraSol certification. It accounts for 1/10 of all VeraSol products. Meanwhile, Power-Solution is also providing reliable and stable quality solar products for 1/6 of the VeraSol members. […]

A small change, 90% freight saved

Shipping fee Rising Keep Rising!   Still Rising !   Global shipping freight are rocketing up to the top constantly, “raise the price casually” can describe the current global shipping market status exactly. However the performance of shipping companies seems pleasant , but they will pay the price of the risk of imported inflation that […]

Power Solution | Provide Education to The Last Mile

Since 2009, Power solution has been providing practical, durable and affordable solar home lighting solutions for Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) for 12 years. Benefiting 5.44 million households and reducing CO2 emissions by 4.24 million tons. But that’s not enough, we want to  change Bop’s life fundamentally. Thus, Solar Media was made. Solar Media has not only brought educational knowledge to the “Last […]