10th anniversary of GOGLA, We continue to work together

GOGLA’s 10th anniversary in 2022 is also the 10th anniversary of Power Solution and Gogla going hand in hand.

In 2011, a team under the World Bank planned to set up an organization to serve the power-deficient people in off-grid areas around the world. After a year of preparation, the Gogla team was officially established in 2012.

At the same time, Power Solution has just entered the solar field. Since there was no public quality standard in the off-grid solar industry at that time, we actively participated in international activities and demanded ourselves with the high standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission. At this time, we connected with the Gogla team.



In 2020, we are honored to officially enter the big family of Gogla members and move forward together with several giants in the off-grid solar industry (Dlight Sunking Fenix-intl Total Mkopa Bbox).

(Click the link for details: https://www.gogla.org/about-us/our-members)



In the ten years since Gogla was established, the entire team has provided the entire off-grid solar industry with:

• Latest market information

• Trend and impact analysis of economic development in various regions

• Best practice information in business, technology, policy and finance

• Forum for discussion, learning and development.

2020 has been a climax for GOGLA and the off-grid solar industry, with the Gogla team hosting a fantastic Global Off-Grid Solar Forum and Expo in Nairobi.

Over 1,250 industry leaders, government representatives, investors, donors, policy makers and industry partners attended the event. Revisiting the city where GOGLA was born, the team reflects on how the industry has matured and strengthened over the past decade.



In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the world and caused severe global health, welfare and economic shocks.

During this difficult time, Gogla has worked hard to support members in 2020, sharing updates on the outbreak at the GOGLA COVID Resource Center, holding emergency meetings, and hosting a COVID-19 Relief Summit.

At the same time, data collection activities continued and intensified to assess the impact of COVID-19 on off-grid customers, sales and companies, and to drive engagement with investors, policymakers and development partners.

Gogla’s policy team has successfully worked with multiple national energy ministries to ensure that the industry’s activities are properly considered “essential services”, enabling the team to operate throughout the lockdown in several key markets. The team also investigated the impact of COVID-19 on PAYGo repayments and investment transactions.

Reassuringly, the Transaction Database study confirms that despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, investors in the sector continue to support the industry, as does the GOGLA team, due to the compelling “impact” and “potential” of the entire team Many of these great industry partners have worked hard to fund disaster relief efforts.



In 2022, the Gogla team has been dedicated to serving people in off-grid regions for ten years, and we celebrate this monumental day together.

In the past ten years, we have followed the footsteps of the Gogla team and have been deeply involved in the vast off-grid areas. Most of the company’s products are designed and manufactured in accordance with international quality standards, and we insist on providing high-quality products for people in off-grid areas.


Hope we still go hand in hand with Gogla in the future,

Create a brilliant tomorrow together!