On International Day of Charity: creating a greener and sustainable future for all

(News Resource:sanyglobal.com)

SANY aims to create a greener construction machinery industry with its new generation clean-energy products and, on a wide scale, a greener future for the mankind where people lead a sustainable way of life.

Since 2022, SANY Foundation, working together with Power Solutions, a famous manufacturers of home solar energy systems, has jointly invested 1.5 million USD to promote solar light products in off-the-grid areas around the world for both poverty alleviation and environment protection.

By June 2022, the project has provided solar reading lamps, hand lanterns and power generators to 6.73 million BoP (Base of the Pyramid) households in 72 countries in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. For those underprivileged families, the solar light products have cumulatively generated 60,770,000 kwh of electricity, reduced electricity bill of 14.72 million USD, cut 559 t CO2 emission globally, and saved over 32,000 underaged children from getting upper respiratory diseases from noxious gas produced by kerosene lamps and candles.

As one of global industry leaders, SANY agrees on that “capability invites responsibility” and is committed to improve human well-being in all respects.