Power Solution | Provide Solar Education to The Last Mile

Since 2009, Power solution has been providing practical, durable and affordable solar home lighting solutions for Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) for 12 years. Benefiting 5.44 million households and reducing CO2 emissions by 4.24 million tons. But that’s not enough, we want to  change Bop’s life fundamentally. Thus, Solar Media was made. Solar Media has not only brought educational knowledge to the “Last Mile” of poor areas, but also shared epidemic prevention knowledge to every village

Thank you very much for the grant from DBS Bank, which successfully helped us to launch the Solar Media project. Not only did this help us get started, but gave us confidence and helped us go further!


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Power Solution donated solar-powered reading lamps to Ethiopia.

TEDxShenzhen2021 Annual Conference丨Even in difficult circumstances, there are still business opportunities.

The “Historical Opportunities of Social Enterprises and Impact Investing in China” was held at Power solution.

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