China Social Enterprise Forum | Power Solution will continue to contribute to lighting up the world in 2021

On May 31, the China Social Enterprise and Impact Investment Forum interviewed Power Solution. During the interview, Li Xia, the founder of Chengxinnuo, shared the precious experience of Chengxinnuo in the past 12 years. To this day, Xinxinnuo still adheres to the path of “integrity and promise”, integrating business and improving the living environment of BOP people, and using a business model to bring practical, durable, and affordable products to all corners of the world without electricity. Solar products from the start.

The founder, Ms. Li Xia, showed the Candles Killer to the host


According to the Lighting global survey, low-income families in Africa spend up to $17 billion annually on expensive but low-quality and unsafe lighting alternatives (candles and kerosene lamps). Please pay attention to the key words, every year, 17 billion US dollars. The candle killer (Candles Killer) was born to replace candles and kerosene lamps all over the world. The brightness is three times that of candles and kerosene lamps. It can be used for 3 to 4 years and is completely recharged by sunlight. It can be used for 4-9 hours after one full charge. And such a very cost-effective lamp only needs 3 to 4 months of the cost of candles and kerosene lamps.


Chengxinnuo won the 2020 Xiangguang Award | TOP10 Social Enterprise of the Year


In line with the corporate mission of “improving the living environment of BOP people with green and clean energy”, Xinxinuo is committed to independent research and development, production of reliable quality, affordable solar lighting products and comprehensive solutions. As of the end of 2019, Power-Solution has replaced kerosene lamps with nearly 35 million poor people in 65 countries whose daily income is less than US$2, and has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 3.82 million tons through solar power generation of 43 million kWh.

Ma Weihua, Honorary Chairman of the Social Enterprise Forum, Special Advisor to UNDP in China, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shenzhen International Philanthropy Institute, Ma Weihua, stated in the keynote speech “Chinese Social Enterprises Should Be an Important Force to Promote Sustainable Development” that the promotion of sustainable development is facing an important historical period. Chinese entrepreneurs have stepped onto the world stage, and social enterprises are becoming an important force in the ranks of Chinese entrepreneurs. Chinese entrepreneurs and Chinese social enterprises should become an important force in promoting sustainable development. We work together to achieve global sustainable development and promote a new commercial civilization.

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