Shenzhen Power-solution Present Important Speech in UN WOMEN meeting

On November 18, 2020, the 2020 International Conference on Gender Equality and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the Empowerment of Women (WEPs) Award Ceremony co-sponsored by the China Office of UN WOMEN (United Nations Women’s Agency) and the EU Delegation to China was held in Beijing Held. The meeting discussed the importance, experience, best practices, and challenges of integrating gender equality into corporate strategies and corporate social responsibility external projects, and emphasized the key role of corporate social responsibility projects in promoting workplace and social equality. Innovative practices that promote female leadership, decent work and digital inclusion. Nearly 150 private business leaders, social entrepreneurs, civil society representatives, and EU and UN officials attended the meeting.

Ms. Xia Li, the founder and CEO of POWER-SOLUTION, attended the conference via video connection and remotely attended the seminar on “Building a more resilient economy in the process of epidemic and post-epidemic recovery”. The conference also set up a special exhibition, inviting female SMEs to share their stories about the economic war and epidemic; Ms. Wang Yu, assistant to the general manager of Shenzhen Power-Solution Ind Co. Ltd., brought exhibits to the exhibition.

Ms. Xia Li, founder of Shenzhen Power-Solution Ind Co. Ltd., shared the impact of the new crown epidemic on the company, the difficulties in production and operation, and the challenges faced by female employees of expectant mothers in family and work. Through the efforts of the enterprise, production was not suspended during the epidemic, shipments were guaranteed, and more families in Asia, Africa and Latin America were helped with their products. At the same time, it also guarantees that there will be no layoffs or pay cuts, equal training opportunities for female and male employees, and more care for breastfeeding employees.

Solar Media is a solar multimedia product with educational functions developed by Power-Solution based on years of field research. This product provides people in off-grid areas with a way to receive information and knowledge from the outside world. By broadcasting videos of disease prevention and care, they can improve their hygiene awareness, reduce the incidence of diseases and reduce the mortality rate of diseases; by broadcasting basic education knowledge, manual skills, Agricultural knowledge and other content will improve their educational level, survival skills, and empower them with sustainable development.

Especially in this year’s global epidemic situation, Solar Media’s information transmission and education functions have shown great social value and positive significance.


In recent years, Power-Solution has not only provided fair employment opportunities for women in the workplace, but its products have also made important contributions to fighting for women’s rights and protecting women’s rights to education and marriage independence in the international arena. (Details: BBC report: Help prevent child marriage and fight for women’s independence | Solar portable lamps give women and young girls more freedom and rights)