Power solution was interviewed by Phoenix Satellite Television!

15 years, can let a country from poor to rich and powerful, can let a person from the infancy grow into a teenager, and power-solution experience of 15 years is more like a grand epic struggle never forget the original intention, surging forward, inspiring.

After the shooting and broadcasting of “The Last Mile” and “Lights Up Again”, which received good response. Power-Solution was selected by “Odyssey of the Dragon” of Phoenix SATELLITE TV at the end of 2020, and became one of the leading characters of the “Influence Investment” series of programs launched in the last two months of this year.


“Odyssey of the Dragon” is a documentary program launched by Phoenix satellite TV Chinese channel in January 2016. It is also the most important weekly documentary program launched by phoenix satellite TV under the background of “going out” strategy and “One Belt And One Road” initiative.In November to December 2020, “Odyssey of the Dragon” launch “influence investment” series, record and combing Chinese enterprises in the process of globalization, how to practice the sustainable development of 17 goals, how to deal with social, economic and environmental challenges, to perform the social responsibility and promoting global sustainable development, and in the process how to economic benefits, to promote the competitiveness of the enterprise itself.


Power – Solution as “stepped onto the world stage” of Chinese enterprises, in promoting the sustainable development target (SDGs), especially push SDG 7 (Affordable and clean energy, clean energy economy applicable), has been firmly practice corporate social responsibility, spare no effort to research and development innovation, in the past 15 years, Power – Solution keep providing affordable, reliable and clean energy solution to BOP.


On December 2, the film team of “Odyssey of the Dragon” came to Power-Solution for filming and conducted an exclusive interview with the company’s main characters.It is emphasized that enterprises are not only economic units that create wealth, but also part of the social system, so that all stakeholders can participate in the shared and continuous value creation to achieve impact performance. Meanwhile, they can play the role of global citizens and cooperate with their respective stakeholders to improve the status of the world.

LiXia, as the founder and managing director of Power-Solution, during the filming, giver the answer for enterprise transformation formally into the background and reason of the clean energy industry, clean energy for BOP family living conditions how to recognize and change, the original design production and sales of cleaning and lighting products encountered difficulties and challenges to overcome, the upgrading of product launch “Pay – As – You – Go” (Paygo) model background.”Pay-as-you-go” (Paygo) is a full range of solar solutions for distributors and end customers that can be paid in installments, allowing BOP to enjoy the benefits of solar energy in advance.

Li Hongjiang, vice general manager of Power-Solution, head of the design team of Solar Media, answered the background and reason of the product launch, how to control the cost from the design end and give full play to the product effect by combining BOP environment and demand, etc.

Ouxibin, engineer of Power-Solution R&D department, talked about the difficulties and challenges of Paygo product design and production and how to overcome them in the program.