Shenzhen Power-solution Participated China-ASEAN-UNDP “Sustainable Developmental Innovation and Poverty Reduction” Discussion.

     On 4-5 September 2019, a two-day seminar on “sustainable development Innovation and poverty reduction” was jointly organized by China, ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), and UNDP (United Nations Development Program) in Hanoi, Vietnam, during which the theme of “Inclusive Innovation” was discussed in details.

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     In the view of the normality of the international situation: “unsustainable poverty alleviation”, the participants discussed and gave a variety of systematic solutions. In addition, the participation of many social enterprises is another highlight of the conference. With the help of the government, enterprises will participate in poverty alleviation worldwide, which will be a major trend in the future, and a solution for social enterprises to actively fulfill their social responsibilities.

     Shenzhen Power Solution Ind Co., Ltd (PS), which participated in this seminar, started to work for world poverty alleviation in 2009, and achieved remarkable results in 63 countries (including 18 The Belt and Road (B&R) countries) globally. At present, the company has established long-term cooperative relations with more than 100 franchisers from 63 countries. We have enabled 30 million people in 4.22 million households worldwide to access renewable and clean energy, replaced candles and kerosene lights, and cumulatively protected 15,000 children from deadly respiratory diseases. The PS’s products generate exceeds 37 million KWH, saving over $7 million for the people in the global BOP region, and reducing 3.3 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

alleviate poverty

      After years of fieldwork, we have learned that the lack of knowledge and information is the root cause of poverty. The BOP population cannot generate revenue sustainably, leading to “Unsustainable poverty alleviation “. Therefore, in 2018, the company developed “Solar Media”, a multi-functional solar energy product that helps people in off-grid areas popularize basic education and information.

     With “Solar Media”, we are able to spread information about science, technology, health, health care, and agricultural skills to 4 billion BOP people worldwide, enhance their overall cognitive ability, master life skills scientifically and actualize sustainable development. This creation will greatly improve the living environment of BOP people all over the world. At the same time, it has become the focus of this conference and attracted the attention of NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) from many countries.

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     Through this conference, we hope to introduce our products to the 4 billion BOP people in the world as soon as possible, so that they can acquire high-quality and affordable clean energy. Meanwhile, we hope that the global BOP population can obtain more scientific skills and health knowledge by using the Solar Media, so as to fundamentally get rid of poverty.