Solar Lantern–The Optimization of the Classical Art

Solar Lanter

     In many remote or undeveloped areas, kerosene lamps are usually the first choice for farmers because it is cheap and easily access. The shape of kerosene lamp is classical, a handle on the top, arc design, transparent body, and it appeared at every corner of the world with slightly different.

     However, as time goes, kerosene lamps cannot satisfy the demand of people’s real demand. For example, the cost (purchase kerosene) of using the lamp is relatively high. And the lamp cover is usually made by glass, so the transparency of the glass goes down after a while of using because the emission of the burning kerosene will stick to the glass surface. Then the usage experience will definitely decrease.

fire hazard caused by kerosene lamp

     Also, it could be dangerous once the lamp falls accidentally, it may cause fire and the broken glass will hurts the users, this happens a lot when child is playing around.

     Years ago, a customer from Europe came to us, looked for a solution that can satisfy users’ demand for kerosene lamp but in a safer, better way. After a period of data collection and analysis, we figured out that the appearance of the traditional kerosene lamp should be saved as far as possible in order to let the new product be accepted easily. So, we developed “Solar Lantern” to replace the kerosene lamp

kerosene lamp
kerosene lamp

     The reason of kerosene lamp can remain the competitive in human’s long history of using lighting tools is that, it can satisfy more than one of users’ demand, and its many designs in appearance is worthy of reference.

     For example, it can be hanged up as a indoor lighting source that can light the whole room, or it can be carried on the hand as a portable outdoor lighting source. It can be put on the table as a reading light that enable at least three children study at the same time.

     In order to keep these strengths and get rid of the weakness, we made a lot of efforts when designing the product.

Polyhedron LED Pillar, Ensures the light can cover 360 degree

     360-degree illumination is the biggest advantage of a kerosene lamp that differ it from other lighting tools, so we applicate the polyhedron LED pillar and each side consists of 3 high brightness LED chip.

Frosted Lamp Cover, Guarantee the transparency while protecting users’ eyes

     The traditional kerosene lamp’s light is mild but it lacks of luminance. Our LED pillar is too much brighter than kerosene lamp so it may hurt users’ eyes when they look at the light directly.

     Therefore, we adopt frosted lamp cover, it not only disperse the light to the lamp cover, so the light becomes symmetrical distribution, but also make the surface of the lamp cover glazed (no fingerprint left on it).

Anti-light leaking, centralize the light

     As usual, we use ABS plastic in this Solar Lantern, but this time, it causes light leaking on the top and bottom part (the yellow part). To solve this issue, we add a special shading powder in so the light will not leak anymore. The light will be constrained and centralized.

Structural Mechanics Design, 1-meter Anti-falling,

     On the contrary of traditional kerosene lamp’s biggest strength, frailness of the glass is its biggest weakness. To avoid that, we optimize the Solar Lantern’s structure, so it will not be broken easily or hurt anyone.

Multifunctional, reading, portable lantern, stool

     As we talked previously, it is optimized structurally, it can bear maximum 230 pounds. Hence, beyond its basic reading and portable lantern function, it can be taken as a stool or other purpose that need to bear weight.  

     In the cooperation with our partner, we had a cross-line in a problem: whether to put the ports thwart-wise or vertical. Our partner thought that we should stay with vertical design because it got a better appearance, and it is general in the industry. However, Susan Li, the founder of Power-Solution, insistence in thwart-wise design because it can decrease the cost, and the stability of the PCB, then the end-users can save money.

     This is our design principle—Make BOP people’s each coin valuable. After a while of communication, we finally reach an agreement, put waterproof gum cover above the port, so the port can be hiding, and the device reaches IP6 water resistance.

     Kerosene Lamp’s existence is special in human’s history of using lighting tools. It has brought many families the light and hope. As the time goes, the electric lights take its place, but is traditional kerosene lamp really not useful anymore for people? The answer is absolutely No. After our optimization,  kerosene lamp reborn, it is safe, clean, and friendly to the environment.