One for All! Off Grid Solar Home System is All You Need!

     The desire for a better-quality life is the inevitable end when people’s basic life demands are satisfied. And this is also our ultimate goal—improve BOP people’s life with solar power. Entertainment would be a certain express of the desire for better-quality life. Therefore, the products like TV and radio is easily access and relatively cheap compare to other electric products. So, all they need is a device that can power the products like that.

soalr tv

     Unlike other products that only designed for satisfying one or two purposes, this time we would like to develop a system that serves a whole family, a system that can meet their different demands.

     We called this system Energy Box because it can charge people both physically (satisfy their life demand) and mentally (satisfy their needs in entertainment). One for all, that is all they need!

solar home system

     Energy Box is the first generation of this series, we made lots of new attempts. The biggest try is that we combined entertainment and power supply function into one device.

     To fulfill a family’s energy needs, this system configures with high efficiency solar panel and high capacity battery. It only takes a few hours to charge it fully under sufficient sunlight. This box also supports AC and DC charging at the same time. And it is easily installed, no need any skill or knowledge background on electricity, even a kid can set it up without any safe risk.

     We designed 5 DC output ports on this box to meet a family’s daily uses in lighting, TV, and fans, which means it can light up 3 rooms, a TV, fan at once.

solar home system
solar radio

     On the other side of this box, we applied radio and mp3 functions with a high decibel sound, so the users can enjoy the music all together. It also can read SD card or USB flash disk. Consider that the signal cover in remote area is not as strong as it will be in city, we added a 46cm long antenna to increase the capability of its signal reception.