The report on our history of our company by Vanke Foundation

Vanke foundation

Vanke foundation

On 25th February 2019, Vanke foundation reported our company on our developments of histories, which put us into the stage in world again and deeply strengthened our influence on international. After the report,the CEO of power-solution Susan said : I was very grateful for the opportunities offered by Vanke foundation ,AED, CTeam and gave us the chance to show the world that we can make our efforts on BOP !The small company has limited, we need call on more power for better change the life of BOP! The rest of her life will continue on the way, thanks your concern.

The Vanke Foundation was initiated by Vanke Co., Ltd. and approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the State Council. It was established in 2008 and is a national non-public fundraising foundation headed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. In 2017, it was recognized as a charity organization.

With the concept of “facing the future and being the first to be human”, Vanke Public Welfare Foundation pays attention to issues that have far-reaching implications for the future, and promotes environmental protection and community development with the goal of “sustainable communities”.

Through the “research-pilot-energy-advocate” work style, the foundation is people-oriented, promotes the spirit of cooperation and struggle, builds a way of thinking about public welfare and strong ecology, and ultimately from policies, legislation, enterprises, international organizations and civil forces. Dimensions to jointly promote the sustainable development of public welfare undertakings, and realize the ecological relationship between people and society, and between people and nature. The Foundation currently focuses on community waste management and other aspects.

Since its establishment, Vanke Foundation has achieved rich results in many fields such as green environmental protection, ancient building protection, children’s health, education development, and precision poverty alleviation. The Foundation cooperates with more than 120 non-profit organizations across the country, and joins with employees, community owners, professionals, social volunteers and volunteers, as well as supplier partners to participate in public welfare projects, to give back to the society with practical actions, and to create beautiful things that can be expected future.

  In the future ,with the help of more public organization ,we can go more further,and look forward to the report on Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,our world will be better and better.