We are honored to receive the 2022 Lightward Award for Entrepreneur of the Year for Good

I am Li Xia, founder of Power Solution,and I am honored to be awarded the 2022 Lightward Entrepreneur of the Year.

For the past 13 years,  has been committed to providing clean energy to the poor in the last mile of the developing world without electricity, through the application of new energy technologies such as solar energy and a new business model of installment payments to make clean energy affordable for all.

In the first 13 years, we brightened their homes and improved their lives. In the next phase, we will increase their production capacity and reduce their food waste through new solar applications such as solar water pumps and solar irrigation systems, as well as solar cold chain systems to truly teach people to fish and increase their income and truly improve their lives through a more sustainable development model.

In the future, we will continue to forge ahead, always using clean energy to improve the lives of the poor.