Here comes our documentary

Li Xia, the founder of PowerSolution, was selected in the series of documentary “Shine 100”, which will lead people to see the strivers of social enterprises and discover the good stories of social enterprises.

The mission of social enterprise is to use business models to solve social problems sustainably and promote social progress.

On the way to solve social problems, social enterprises are known as the “lonely brave” of the society.Business to the left, public welfare to the right, social enterprises in the middle, to the light, but also hope to shine their own light.On its way to prominence, it has not received nearly as much attention as its contribution.To help social enterprises shine,

The documentary series “Glow 100” produced by Noble Bird, which tells the true stories of the strivers of The Times, cooperated with China Social Enterprises and Influence Investment Forum, a leading domestic social innovation testing ground and an ecological platform for business to be good, to jointly create the topic of “Glow Social Enterprises” in November.

The camera will focus on the stories of strivers with initial aspirations, and see the face of social enterprises from them, so that more people can understand and pay attention to social enterprises.

Let’s open the documentary about social enterprises, see the strivers and find the good stories of social enterprises.