With Honor Behind, With Mission Forward, We shall  Re-sail and Bring More Miracles to The World

     Before you know it, Power-Solution has been marching on this path of chasing the light with Hardship and glory for 15 years. During these memorable 180 months, we have made brilliant achievements: provided green solar lights to 5.14 million unprivileged households in 65 countries, a total of 35.98 million people, and reduced carbon emissions by 3.87 million tons.

     At the same time, in response to China’s “One Belt, One Road”, we have improved the living environment of people who are extremely poor along 16 One Belt And One Road countries. This might not be an impressive achievement for others, but it is a beautiful scenery that we should be proud of and will inspire us to continue to move forward. Therefore, we themed the celebration as: Appreciate the Past, Look forward the Future. We thank all the supporters, and hope we can make progress together in the future.

     The company has been established for 15 years, never forget the original intention, forge ahead. 15 years of ingenuity, write a brilliant chapter, 15 years of sincere to create a legend. To celebrate the company’s first meaningful 15th anniversary, we have held 15th anniversary celebration on Jan 12th, 2020. We invited more than 30 excellent suppliers selected from thousands of our suppliers to participate. They have given us remarkable support and coordination in the past years. Moreover, It is a great honor for us to invite Mr. Xuan Xia, secretary general of Shenzhen Shechuangxing Social Enterprise Development Promotion Center; Professor Bo He, professor Hongliang Zhang, from department of economics and management, Southwest University of Science and Technology; Professor Jingyue Xu and Jianying Wang, from department of business, Renmin University of China; Mrs. Nannan Zhang, secretary general of Shenzhen Solar Energy Organization; enterprise management consultant, Mr. Guangnian Zhao; Mrs. yili Li, director of “Silk Road” on Guangdong TVjoining this celebration.

     As a ship bringing light to the world, the company is able to overcome the difficulty and make steady progress, which is not only inseparable from the foresight of the company’s leaders, but also inseparable from the persistent efforts of its employees in their respective posts. Thanks to their efforts, our dream can be realized. To express our appreciation to them for their great contributions to the company, we also honored these outstanding employees at this 15th anniversary celebration. We set up several awards and: Meritorious Service Award, Improvement Award, Best New Talent Award, Outstanding Employee Award, Outstanding Management Award. For the employees who have served the company for more than three years, we also made medals made of pure silver and pure gold for them, which is the greatest admiration for their ability and efforts!

     With the support and cooperation of so many colleagues in the company, as well as many suppliers and guests, we can make products highly appraised and recognized by customers. When they heard that we were going to hold the 15th anniversary celebration, they sent their blessings from all over the world. Even across the screen, we could feel the sincere just like the spring breeze kissing our faces.

     Among the more than 100 clients that come from 65 countries around the world who have worked with Power-Solution for many years, there is one customer from Japan is very special which is the 70-year-old Japanese man above, Mr. Masao Tanaka. In 2009, when Xia Li (Susan) founder of Power-Solution, decided to leave the high-margin FMCG electronics business and work for solar energy to light up the dark night for the poor, Mr. Masao resolutely followed Susan into the unfamiliar field of solar lighting. He said to Susan: “for so many years, I believed in you, not this company. You can’t just give up on me. Whatever you do, I’ll back you up!” Now, ten years later, Mr. Masao still maintain cooperation and communication with us. He also said jokingly that he hopes to have the opportunity to attend our 100 years celebration 85 years later because he believes that Power-Solution can go further, become a enterprise in one hundred and delivering hope and light! to more people. We sincerely hope that such a blessed old man can live a long life, always keep moving forward with us.

The 15th Anniversary of Shenzhen Power-Solution Ind Co., Ltd

     Our team is very different from others in the industry, we serve the BOP group which is the lowest income level with full sincerity and enthusiasm, deliver the best product with the most reasonable price. Over the years, we have experienced the ups and downs, but we have never forgotten our original goal: Improve the living environment of the world’s poor with green solar energy. This is our first 15 years, but it will not be the last. We will continue to surpass ourselves on this road and carry out poverty alleviation to the end.