POWER SOLUTION helps customers build their brands successfully with off-grid solar products

This is a story about how Shenzhen Power Solution. helped a single Nigerian guy, Tom (for commercial protection, this is a virtual name), to create a brand name T***Energy (for commercial protection, the client’s brand name is hidden) through their off-grid solar products.

The story begins when Tom asked Shenzhen Power Solution about off-grid solar products via the company’s website. Salesperson Bond responded to Tom’s enquiry promptly, and learned about Tom’s needs and objectives over the phone. After listening to Tom’s situation, Bond provided Tom with information about Shenzhen Power Solution’s off-grid solar products and provided free promotional materials to help him promote them in the local market.

Tom was very happy to hear this news. He then purchased 100 sets of Sinolink’s off-grid solar products and promoted them to the local market. Because of the good quality of the products, the good value for money, and the range of support and guidance provided by the company, Tom’s brand T***Energy has quickly won the recognition and trust of more and more customers in the local market. Bond, the company’s salesperson, helped Tom to expand his business channels and guided him to better use off-grid solar products so that he could better adapt to the needs of the local market.

After a long period of collaboration and hard work, Tom has successfully built his brand T***Energy into an influential brand that is gradually expanding into more and more areas. Time flies, it is now March 2023 and Tom is married to a local college girl and already worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. This success is due to Tom’s hard work and the support of the company, in which Shenzhen Power Solution plays a vital role.


In conclusion, this story tells us that companies need not only to provide high quality products, but also to support and help customers with their needs. Only in this way can companies and customers win together in joint cooperation.

(This information is one of the many real-life examples of Shenzhen Power Solution off-grid world)