Power Solution丨”Resumption of Work” was selected as an excellent domestic documentary by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television


In order to give full play to the demonstration and guidance effect of the quarterly recommended documentaries, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television recently organized the responsible comrades, experts and scholars of relevant radio and television institutions to review, and selected 46 outstanding domestic documentaries for the third quarter of 2020 from the 153 documentaries selected nationwide.

“Resumption of Work” Award

The documentary is about 2020, which was originally a year full of hope for the 39-year-old Northeast “girl” Li Xia. In the past ten years or so, the solar lighting company she founded has provided lighting convenience to more than 4 million poor people in the world without electricity. This year, she plans to continue to expand the market; on the other hand, she and her husband are about to welcome the long awaited The third child.
The epidemic caught her off guard—the embarrassment of only 9 workers returning to work, the urgently needed 28 orders, and even the severe economic damage and logistics shutdown under the global epidemic caused Li Xia, who lives in Hong Kong, to venture back to the Shenzhen factory despite the opposition of her family Everyone “live”
This documentary truly records the bitterness of Li Xia, an elderly pregnant woman, in order to ensure the resumption of work, production and business operations.
Viruses are ruthless and humans are sentimental. Even if the epidemic is raging, it cannot stop Power-Solution from succeeding.
Finally, Power-Solution hope everyone will work together to overcome difficulties, overcome the epidemic, and embrace a better tomorrow.