Good news丨Li Xia, the founder of Power Solution, won the honorary title of 2020 China Cultural Exchange Person of the Year

Good news! In January 2021, Li Xia, the founder of Power-Solution, won the honorary title of “2020 Chinese Cultural Exchange Person of the Year” by Guosheng Think Tank


The organizer stated that the honorary winners of “Light of Civilization · 2020 Chinese Cultural Exchange Annual Persons and Institutions” are based on their respective fields, and have been making unremitting efforts for cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries for a long time, actively organizing various forms of Chinese and foreign cultural exchange activities, and leading outstanding cultural exchanges. Academic research and theoretical construction have made outstanding contributions to telling Chinese stories, spreading the voice of China, and promoting the “Belt and Road” initiative to connect people with one another and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign civilizations.



Guosheng Think Tank·Introduction


Guosheng Think Tank was established in 2013. It is a new type of think tank that learns and implements General Secretary Jinping’s “Think Tank View”, and is an open, co-constructed and shared think tank platform. Provide ideas and action plans for public decision-making, and provide decision-making consulting services for all sectors of society.


The Guosheng Think Tank and the Silk Road Think Tank Community continued to carry out project cooperation and academic exchanges, and led the launch of the “Think Tank View China Innovation and Development Project”. Carry out strategic, forward-looking, systematic, comprehensive, and overall research by undertaking major national issues. Efforts to launch a batch of research results on subjects with strong reality, good operability, high credibility, and great influence, to provide high-quality intellectual services for decision-makers. At the same time, it provides local governments with solutions for policy interpretation, policy research, decision-making evaluation, and scientific decision-making consultation.


Li Xia, founder of Power-Solution


Founder of Shenzhen Chengxinnuo Technology Co., Ltd. She is committed to providing durable, practical and affordable clean energy products for the poor in BOP (Bottom of the Pyramid). In order to spend every penny of the BOP family with value, she often personally visits poor families in different countries to control quality and cost from the design source according to user needs. So far, nearly 30 million poor people in the world have replaced solar lights, reducing carbon emissions by more than 3 million tons!


Power-Solution has worked tirelessly for 17 years to realize that clean energy is affordable for everyone and everyone can use clean energy equally. Li Xia, as one of the “2020 Chinese Cultural Exchanges of the Year”, must also strengthen the culture with Chinese characteristics in the future, better spread the concept of solar energy and new energy to other countries, and give full play to the important role of the “Belt and Road” activities.