Candles Killer–the Best Cost Controlling Ever

     Including Ethiopia, many people in in Africa, especially for those who live in the remote area, have to use candles and kerosene lamps for lighting because there is no electricity infrastructure. However, the consequence of consuming candles could be incredibly negative. Millions of people died in fire that caused by inappropriate candles using, and many children are suffering respiratory disease that brought by the harmful emission of candles and kerosene lamps.

candles substitute

     Indeed, there was lots of substitutes of candle in the market already back to the time, but those products are either expensive or not able to replace and fulfill the fully function of candles. In order to save people from the suffering and dilemma of using candles, we must find a balance between affordable price and user experience.

candles substitute

      Have this idea in mind, Power-Solution’s team walked through many small villages in Africa to collect data and consumers’ real demand. Occasionally, our team saw many water bottles are abandoned everywhere on the street. The team started to think: is there a way we can reuse these bottles? Then, after months of research and development, Candles Killer came out.

     On account of the undeveloped transportation system in Africa, the cost of each light become incredibly high for the last miles of delivery. Therefore, we have to put as more as possible lights in the package in order to reduce the transportation cost. Compared with similar products, we creatively improved the original inconvenient and easily damaged bracket of this reading lamp into a hook shape and it is smaller. The packing capacity increase to 96 in each box (other companies ‘similar products is 50 only).

candles substitute

     Meanwhile, the hook design allows the users to set the lamp on the bottleneck of any abandoned water bottle. In this way, the original reading lamp function is not affected and the wastage of the product in transportation is reduced. Also, the abandoned water bottle can be reused, so the white pollution will be decreased.

Make the BOP family’s each coin valuable is our design philosophy!

  • Square Solar Panel

    No extra cutting needed

  • High Efficiency Mono Panel

    Same efficiency, lower price

  • Integrated Design

    Better outfit, lower price

  • Single LED Chip, Concave Design

    Brightness guaranteed, cost decreased

  • Hook Shape Handle

    Reuse water bottle, increase lighting area

     In order to make this product more affordable, we made some efforts on design and choosing materials.

     In 2018, Candles Killer won the Germany Red-dot Award due to its excellent in cost controlling and protecting environment (Reuse plastic).

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     Candles killer had received expected positive feedback from end-users. For many of them who live in extremely poor, they have to choose either candles with potential danger, or solar lights with high price. But our candles killer gives them a perfect choice, enjoy the life with light in the dark night, without any worry about fire hazard or breathing harmful gas. The BOP families in off-grid areas can purchase the Candles Killer with their cost in three months of candles and kerosene purchasing and the products’ life span is over three years. Therefore, this is the ultimate in user experience and cost control.

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