A empreendedora chinesa Xia Li apresenta discurso importante como a única palestrante no Fórum de Culinária Limpa no Quênia

Chinese Entrepreneur Xia Li Present Important Speech as the only Female Speaker at the Clean Cooking Forum in Kenya

At the beginning of November, the 5th Clean Cooking Forum was held in Kenya, attended by many domestic and foreign enterprises and experts who have made outstanding contributions in the field of clean cooking stove, including Chinese social entrepreneur Xia Li. This is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 with the support of the United Nations Foundation to develop clean cooking stoves to improve the environment and rise people’s living standards. De acordo com a Organização Mundial da Saúde, 4.3 million people die each year from fires and respiratory diseases that caused by high pollutive burning fire and other inefficient cooking fuels.

The conference, which will be held between November 5 e 7, will focus on improving supply chains to reduce the cost of clean cooking stoves and make it more affordable to people. People from all over the world who are concerned about the environment and clean cooking stoves will share their understanding of clean cooking stoves and discuss how to provide comprehensive solutions to develop clean cooking stoves.

In order to help participants understand the role of a supply chain in popularizing clean cooking stoves industry intuitively, conference invited several industry representatives from domestic (China) and international to present and expound their unique understanding in developing clean cooking stoves, promote the parties to breach the technical bulwark of evolving clean cooking stoves, and contribute to increasing energy efficiency, reducing pollution, and improving the environment. Entre eles, Peter Scot, founder of BURN company, a pioneer in clean cooking stoves with more than 20 years of experience in exploring clean cooking stoves, will share his unique views on the future direction of clean cooking stoves.

Similarly, Mrs. Xia Li, one of the representatives of high-quality suppliers in China, founded Shenzhen Power-Solution Ind co., Ltd. ten years ago and is committed to providing affordable and qualified solar energy solutions for BOP people (the people at the bottom of the pyramid). In these 10 anos, Power-solution conducted multiple field visits in order to understand the end consumer’s most fundamental demand and therefore accumulated abundant experience in design and manufacture. A few years ago, after solved basic survival needs for 4.22 million BOP population, Li started to focus on how to raise people’s life quality, and began to develop solar cooking stove, has obtained certain achievements. In the conference, Li will share with all the peers in the industry and experts her experience in designing and manufacturing clean cooking stoves, and seek the possibility of building a cooperation and development relationship with others.