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In 2019, the DBS Foundation’s Social Enterprise Grant program received a record 600 applications from social enterprises across Asia. Shenzhen Power-Solution is one of two Social enterprises from China that won the grant. Shenzhen Power-Solution is committed to providing solar lighting and solar video education products to poverty-stricken areas without electricity in Africa, South Asia, Latin America and other […]

Restart it All women – Lighting the Last Mile in Asia, Africa and Latin America

Click on the picture to read the original report It is estimated that 840 million people worldwide are still in off-grid place, the vast majority in relatively poor and remote areas of sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia and South Asia. Many people have lived in complete darkness during night, some families with high income have chosen […]

We are 10 off discount for Mozambique and Zimbabwe, because of Cyclone Idai

Today, we learned from our customers that the Cyclone Idai has caused tremendous damage to the people of Mozambique and Zimbabwe. With the approval of the company, 10  off solar lighting products are discounted for Mozambique and Zimbabwe dealers.
Sustainability award

Congratulations to our Singapore partner:Mr.Hari for the "Sustainability"award !

Congratulations to our Singapore partner:Mr.Hari for the “Sustainability”award ! Total of 600 companies participated in the competition, and only 7 of them won awards. Congratulations to our partner Hari for winning the “Sustainability” award.

Shenzhen Power-solution Participated China-ASEAN-UNDP “Sustainable Developmental Innovation and Poverty Reduction” Discussion