Shell Foundation

World top investment foundation–Shell Foundation Visit ShenZhen Power Solution.

01.25.2018 World top investment foundation–Shell Foundation Visit SZ Power Solution..
World Bank & Lighting Global Team

World Bank & Lighting Global Team Visit Shenzhen Power Solution

Welcome World Bank & Lighting Global Team Visit Our Company (01.20.2018)

10th anniversary of GOGLA, We continue to work together

GOGLA’s 10th anniversary in 2022 is also the 10th anniversary of Power Solution and Gogla going hand in hand. In 2011, a team under the World Bank planned to set up an organization to serve the power-deficient people in off-grid areas around the world. After a year of preparation, the Gogla team was officially established […]

Minigrid and solar PV net metering project to benefit citizens of Ghana

Ghana signs grant agreement with African Development Fund, government of Switzerland, to support development of mini-grids and solar PV net metering. Photo credit: AfDB Group The government of Ghana has signed a grant agreement with the African Development Fund and the government of Switzerland to support the development of minigrids and solar PV net metering […]

Video factory inspection, which is a right owned by the client.

Video factory inspection, which is a right owned by the customer. 2022 is already the third year of the global epidemic. Many customers are no longer coming to visit our factories. However, we have always offered video factory tours. If you have any questions about your order, you can let the sales team provide you […]

What benefits that solar power bring to our lives?

Everyone is familiar with solar power, because no lighting if no solar power. Most of people just know its lighting function, but don’t know its other functions. In fact, solar power has made a great deal of achievement to human being. For example, we can use solar power to generate, to realize solar home system, […]

Let’s go camping!

According to Ctrip data, since the beginning of 2022, the growth rate of platform camping products has reached 800%. From January to early April 2022, the number of users who signed up for camping tours through Ctrip was more than five times that of the whole of 2021. According to the “Spring Travel Trend Report” […]

Power-Solution been widely reported by China’s media

Recently, Power-Solution has been widely reported by China Net and other media! Under the wave of globalization, Chinese companies continue to export and replicate Chinese-style successful models overseas by virtue of their huge local market base, the efficiency and cost advantages of supply chains, and the speed of product development and innovation iterations. In recent […]

Country sheds light on green future for Africa

Private enterprises blaze a trail in continent’s solar power sector In summer 2019, Li Xia arrived at a school in a small village in Ethiopia. Locals and students at Nayata High School gave her a warm welcome as she and her colleagues walked among the thatched-roof school buildings. Li, the founder of Shenzhen Power-Solution Ind […]

Feedback from Nigeria

Glad to know our product is loved by so many people, with the DC fan, wish you can get rid of the unbearable hot !!! And live a better life~ Customer's Instagram “Today we have opened a new project to build a solar panel in Makana town Rahama district, Madugu town in Tulai,and in Magama […]

2022 Chinese New Year Holiday

Hi Dear,The New Year Holiday of POWER-SOLUTION is From January 25 to February 7,2022. The Commencement date is February 8,2022. Wish all partner a happy new year and a prosperous career!  

Is off-grid solar cheaper?

Is off-grid solar cheaper? This is a complex problem. It looks like a simple question, but we don’t know the actual question needs of the questioner, so we need to consider many aspects and set many preconditions for comparison. For example, is off grid solar energy compared with grid connected solar energy, or with other […]