Power-Solution won the NEW High-tech enterprises honor on Dec. 2016

Jun. 15, 2017

Founded in 2009, Power-Solution won the NEW High-tech Enterprises honor in December of 2016.

NEW High-tech enterprises honor

The term “NEW High-tech Enterprises” as mentioned in these Measures refers to the resident enterprises that have been registered for one year or longer within China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions), have incessantly devoted to the research and development as well as transformation of technological achievements, have formed their own independent core intellectual property rights and are carrying out business activities on this basis.

With our professional R&D, we have more than 50 kinds of Patents to keep the competitiveness in the market. In the year of 2016, we have launched more than 10 new products and 3 of them are with international patents.

Being a quality oriented organization, we are qualified solar lighting solution for no-electricity areas!

Our company has been working to reach the people's demands( Society or Areas) with affordable and qualified solar lighting.

We have been working step by step and we have made a series of solar lamps, solar lantern, and solar home lighting system.

We have considered people's entertainments.

Our newest solar lighting system is with Solar LCD TV, and DC Fan , with mobile phone charge, radio and MP3 player.

Owing to their numerous salient features, they are used for commercial as well as individual purposes.

NEW High-tech enterprises honor

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