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Our Story

    Shenzhen Power-Solution Ind Co., Ltd, a leading social enterprise dedicated to provide integrated solar lighting solution to global BOP (Bottom of the Pyramid) population with affordable price. Power-Solution was established by Xia Li in Shenzhen, China in 2004 which it was a consumer electronics trading company at the time.


    In 2004, Xia Li started her own consumer electronics trading company due to financial reasons. She was responsible for her brother's tuition fees and living expenses at university and the monthly salary from her previous job was barely enough to cover them. The business went well and she accumulated her first fortune. However, everything was changed due to a trip in India where she went for market research in 2007. On the street of India, she saw a metal sheet and a plastic sheet being used to set up as a temporary home, with the entire family crowded in a few square meters to warm themselves and hide from rain. She was shocked by the scene and she recalled her earlier childhood of a similar miserable life because of the poor, so she made up her mind at that time that she must do something for them. The seed was planted on that day, yet it was not until 2009, when she was watching a documentary on melting icebergs and global warming, that she had the dream of combining the two—helping BOP people with solar energy.

    From 2009 to 2012, Power-Solution is only responsible for designing and selling products, but the production was outsourced. However, it is hard to control the quality and cost. In order to enable more BOP people to use clean and environmentally friendly solar products, we set up our own production line in 2012, thus realizing a complete supply chain from product design to manufacturing to sales, which not only reduces the price, but also ensures the quality. From the initial establishment of a pure commercial company with only 10 employees, to the end of 2018, a high-quality supplier integrating sales and manufacturing with more than 130 employees and a factory area of 3,000 square meters, Power-Solution has proved our determination and perseverance in benefiting BOP people with ten years’ efforts.

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